[Sponsored Review] Uniqso Honoka Kousaka Wig

Hello everyone!
Today's my first day off that I've really gotten to have spare time to blog! (Just kidding, I had a makeup gig later on today xD)
This review was a little tough for me because I haven't done "cosplay" makeup in a while since I've been ~out of the game~ for about 3 years now, haha.

Uniqso was so kind as to sponsor me this wig  to match a cosplay that I received from another place!
I, unfortunately, didn't get any shots of the wig's packaging because I was too excited and had to throw it on immediately!

Anywho! click the jump for the review!

I've seen a lot of my friends cosplaying Love Live characters and I've been so out of it that I didn't know what it was at first. I thought it was something like the vocaloids xD

I did a bit of research and found out that it's a whole series! And I LOVE musicals and any type of series involving music so I was quick to start watching!

I ended up only getting through a few episodes of the first series but I became pretty fond of honoka! I actually think Kotori is the cutest but definitely not "me".

When I found out that I would be receiving the Start Dash Honoka outfit from another seller, I was super excited when Uniqso agreed to sponsor me the honoka wig!

The wig, costing only 27.90 USD, comes pre styled with the bangs already cut to the perfect length and it's also that perfect "natural but not" color. It's not that BRIGHT orange color that I've seen in some wigs and instead is a nice burnt copper.

The side tail came with a clear elastic wrapped around it but, to add volume behind the bow, I tied a thicker hair tie over it.

This wig is the perfect amount of shiny and it doesn't tangle easily. I do this test where I shake it in my hand and then brush it out to see how well it can be brushed out and to see how tangled it gets from a lot of movement.

You may not realize how much you move your head at a con! xD

This wig was super easy to brush out and because of the length, the fibers don't get tangled with each other.

Overall, I really liked this wig from Uniqso!
It came in the perfect color as well as the perfect length for pre styled bangs! This wig is definitely one that you can wear directly from the package instead of having to style it yourself~

(forgive the strange lighting changes in the following pictures. When I took these pictures, we were having a strange bout of bad weather x__x)

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