[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe Lenses 16 Brown (Picture Heavy) feat: Ahri!


This is my last installment in my current sponsorship from LuxuryBabe lens!
A little while ago, LuxuryBabeLens contacted me to review a few of their lenses and let me pick some out. 

I had really wanted to be organized with my picks and have everything planned out but this one took the longest! I feel really bad that I had made them wait for so long for this review but I really wanted everything to come together.

I ordered a wig and a pair of ears to match the look because I knew exactly which character I had wanted to use for this review.

AHRI from LoL (League of Legends)!

Follow the jump for the rest of the review and more of my picture spam!

[Review] Etsy Seller: AdamsGardenofEden Bath Bomb Flower Pot

Hello again~

My second installment in my bath time adventure! This time I'll be reviewing AdamsGardenofEden's bath bomb Flower Pot!

The name really suits it since it's an actually flower pot shape. HA!

This review might be a bit short but you'll see why if you follow the jump and read the rest!

[Review] Etsy Seller: AdamsGardenofEden Bath Bomb Calm Calamity

Hello again!

Since the wedding planning started, I've been looking on Etsy for a lot of bridesmaids gift ideas that I could put into bags for them and, since I'm huge about anything beauty related, I thought of bath bombs!

Originally I had planned on getting a lot of different scents but decided against it since I, of course, would end up picking scents that I personally liked and not the girl in question.

I still ended up being sucked into the land of handmade products on etsy and made a decently large order with AdamsGardenofEden on etsy because I've been in the mood to take a lot of baths and whats better then a colorful, fragrant bath?!

I have a Lush back in jacksonville that I've been too but it's always nice to support small businesses as well.

There were 8 bath bombs in total that I purchased and I've finally begun my "bath adventure"! I'm posting preview images on my instagram @mikilanii if you wanted to see them before I posted reviews!

[Sponsored Review] Petite Cherry Jasmine Set


This review is a little different then my usual ones since it's not a cosmetic or lens review! 
Today I'll be reviewing a lingerie set sponsored to me by Petite Cherry. 

Petite Cherry is a lingerie company that carries Japanese styled lingerie. What does this mean?
Well, in the US, we definitely have a certain style of bras and underwear that tend to lean on the more "sexy" style while japanese under garments tend to go for a more "cute/sexy" aesthetic. Most of their sets or pieces have a lot of lace or cute designs that definitely separate them from their western counterparts.
See what I thought about this set below!

(Disclaimer: Don't read if you are offended by the words "Breasts/Boobs/etc")