[Sponsored Review] Luxury babe 16 in Blue

Hello all~

I'm back again with another lens review for Luxury Babe Lens!
I've been trying to plan out my looks a bit better so that there's not a lot of overlap or similar looks in hopes that it'll keep the reviews from getting boring~ 

Halloween is coming up and I have a lot of themed looks in planning so hopefully I can get them all done in a timely manner! For this review, I wanted to try to accomplish and edgier feel so I ended up using a small, portable ring light instead of just natural light and I think they definitely give the pictures a different look! It was also extremely overcast not he one day that I could get this done, haha.

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[Review] Pili Cosmetics Loose Shadow Pigments Kapu / Glow / Buttery Nipple (Picture Heavy/ 2 looks

Hello again!~

Like in my last post, I've been on an Etsy kick recently so I figured I'd start reviewing my purchases here!

This week, I have 3 loose shadows/pigments from Pili Cosmetics.
In order from left to right: Kapu | Glow | Buttery Nipple.
I use all three in the following post to create two different looks for you all so that it can showcase each one!

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