[Review] Brija Cosmetics "You Know Who..." Face Highlighter

Recently I've been looking at different highlighters to use for (obviously) highlighting, mixing with foundation for dewy looks, etc. There's no "perfect" one for everyone and you definitely have to try out different ones to see what you like and what you don't.

I already have quite a few highlighters (because as a MUA they're a necessity) but they're mainly pressed powders which I tend to prefer when using just to highlight the face. 
With them being pressed, they can get troublesome trying to mix with foundations since you have to scrape it out and hope you don't get too much because you can't exactly "put it back". Thus, I started looking for loose ones!

Recently I've been on a huge etsy kick because of my wedding approaching and it's so easy to find favors, decorations, etc on there and I love being able to support small businesses!

I decided to take a look at the highlighters that different sellers were offering and picked out a few to try out!

The first one to arrive was Brija Cosmetic's (Etsy Link) "You Know Who..." from her Harry Potter collection.

[Sponsored Review] BUNNY 3 COLOR GRAY + Surprise Guest~

~Hello all~ 
Recently, I've been working on reviews with cosplay pictures but while I'm doing that, I'm also working on doing makeup looks that I normally wouldn't do.

If you haven't noticed, neutrals are usually the colors I stick to. That means browns, taupes, champagnes, etc. I've started to work on stepping out into brighter colors and hopefully one day, different shapes, looks, and all that other fun stuff. I know this will take a while to step out of my comfort zone but I'm trying! I'm used to doing crazy looks on models, but definitely not myself, haha.

Here's to slowly getting out of the box!

[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe lens 17 in Gray

Whattttt? Another post!? So soon?!

I'm trying my best to get all of these reviews out in a timely manner and making sure that each look is different from the next!

Luxurybabe sponsored my several lenses to review for them and, after my Kasumi Cosplay Lens Review,  I couldn't think of a gray eyed characters that matched any of the wigs I own so I decided to do a dark blue smokey eye. A lot more dramatic then I would normally go for...but hey, this is a blog! And it'd get boring if I did the same looks over and over again. 

[ Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 97 Brown (Pic Heavy~)


I'm pretty sure I mentioned making blog reviews with cosplay involved and this is the first one!
Luxury Babe Lens contacted me for a sponsorship and I couldn't pass it down!

I've been wanting to do this type of review for a while now because I know that circle lenses can go hand in hand with cosplay and what better way to showcase them then to use characters that you could  use them for!

I'm starting out with characters that I, of course, am familiar with and even have costumes and wigs for but maybe I'll look into other characters in the future.

LBL allowed me to pick out a few different lenses and this is the first of the set. I'm planning an Ahri one...but I'm stumped for the other two. One is a bright blue and the other is Grey. If you have suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

[Sponsored Review] SCL 23 C-BROWN

Hello all~

I bring you another circle lens review to start off the next week! I have a few things planned for future reviews including makeup tutorials and cosplay makeup for circle lens reviews!

I know I keep saying that I'll do more posts/ others posts in the future and I don't really get to them..so we'll see how well I stick to this. xD

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