[Review] Isis Brown Sugar Lace Front BS206 in Red Velvet (Pic Heavy)

Say " Hello" to my cat again! 8D
She always loves to try and get cuddles when I'm taking pictures and I'm too much of a softy to say "no" so I end up just petting here for like...20 mins. 

Recently, I went to an event in Orlando (post to come later) and I really wanted something to spice up my look. If you didn't realize, no matter how many times I dye my hair, I always go back to black soon after because I'm lazy and the upkeep is insane when you have naturally dark hair. 

I was in a time crunch (by "time crunch" I mean it was a Tuesday and I needed a wig before I left on Friday)
I scoured the depths of ebay and google for a wig seller in the US since I knew that I'd have a better chance of getting it in that short amount of time....


[Event] Premiere Orlando 2015 (Pic Heavy)

Hello all~

I did mention that I wanted to start blogging about events that I go to so this is me trying to live up to that.

At the end of May (and beginning of June) I went to Premiere Orlando 2015. Premiere is an education and trade show for professionals in the beauty industry ONLY.
What does this mean? You can only attend if you are a licensed cosmetologist, barber, esthetician, nail tech etc. (There are some exceptions...like if you own a salon and spa.)

The show is a 3 day event consisting of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday is, at least in Orlando, an education day. This is usually the day that they host classes that you have to pay for , for a "hands-on" class but they also have free classes throughout the day.

Sunday and Monday are mainly "exhibit" days where all the brands have ELABORATE booths where you can purchase their products for a special "show" price.

I had originally wanted to take a few paid classes but, with the wedding coming up, I had to save where I could. Instead, I just went to the show on sunday and monday for the floor since I always learn so much there anyways. Andddddd the shopping is great, haha.

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