[Sponsored Review] Luxury babe 16 in Blue

Hello all~

I'm back again with another lens review for Luxury Babe Lens!
I've been trying to plan out my looks a bit better so that there's not a lot of overlap or similar looks in hopes that it'll keep the reviews from getting boring~ 

Halloween is coming up and I have a lot of themed looks in planning so hopefully I can get them all done in a timely manner! For this review, I wanted to try to accomplish and edgier feel so I ended up using a small, portable ring light instead of just natural light and I think they definitely give the pictures a different look! It was also extremely overcast not he one day that I could get this done, haha.

Please follow the jump for the rest of the review and pictures!

The lens I'm reviewing today is Luxry Babe Lens 16 in Blue!
It also comes in Brown, Green, Grey, Violet, Pink so there are 6 colors in total! I have a review for the Brown one coming up soon as well!

These lenses came with the other luxury babe ones which means they were shipped in a padded envelope wrapped up tight!

I know recently I've been receiving the ones in the normal plastic cases which are similar to what american Lenses come in but these ones are packaged in the more widely known glass bottles!
I haven't waxed or tweezed my eyebrows in a long while so please forgive random hairs! xD
So crisp looking!

 These lenses are very vibrant! They're definitely more animated looking when compared to other designs that I've tried out. The strong black lines definitely add a cartoon-feel which adds to the drama! The lenses are made up from a Blue (70%) and Grey (30%) color blend with a strong black limbal ring. The lenses show up very well in all lights!
Very comfortable! My eyes have been very sensitive to contacts recently due to me not wearing them a lot anymore but these were perfectly fine in them! With more opaque designs, I always put in the lenses first before I do any makeup because sometimes they are very thick and uncomfortable which means you'd be better off not wearing them. That was NOT the case with these! These lenses were very thin and flexible and I had absolutely no problem wearing them which makes me very excited to try out the brown ones.

Listed as 16mm these lenses give a lot of drama and enlarge the eye substantially. When I originally put the lenses in, I only had foundation on and I thought I looked very alien-esque! Everything was smoothed over with high coverage foundation (including my eyebrows) so I looked very robot/alien like! 

Overall, I really liked these lenses for more dramatic looks and they were very comfortable and I could see myself wearing them for the whole day at a con or something~

Extra: Last year I did a picture tutorial for doing fawn makeup...would you guys be interested in other posts like that? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Omggg I love your hair and lipstick combination! The lenses also look so good on you, i like the different shades of blue and grey! I don't thiink i'd ever be able to pull off this look but you can always do it for some reason ♥_♥


    1. Thank you so much! I will say that looks like this always make me hesitant because I never know if they'll look good on me...but you never know until you try! I think the key is to focus on the complete look. I don't think it would have been the same had I not had the circle lenses so every little detail ties it together!