[Review] Pili Cosmetics Loose Shadow Pigments Kapu / Glow / Buttery Nipple (Picture Heavy/ 2 looks

Hello again!~

Like in my last post, I've been on an Etsy kick recently so I figured I'd start reviewing my purchases here!

This week, I have 3 loose shadows/pigments from Pili Cosmetics.
In order from left to right: Kapu | Glow | Buttery Nipple.
I use all three in the following post to create two different looks for you all so that it can showcase each one!

Be sure to follow the jump for the rest of the post and leave a comment or two~!

The pigments come in 5g containers with sifters and, unlike the Brija one, the sifter lets out a bit more pigment but it doesn't get messy!
They cam all packaged in a padded envelope with a cute personal note and some chocolates! (Which I ate immideitely because I personally love Hawaiin Host Macadamia chocolate. x__X)

As you can probably guess, Pili Cosmetics is a one woman company based in Wahiawa, Hawai'i!
One of the reasons I purchased from her was because I always love supporting small businesses from my island home.
My mom was actually raised in Hawai'i and I was born there so it's a nice feeling, haha.

Anyways, on to the product!
Each one comes in different sizes with different costs. The bigger the size the more you save!

I ended up going with the 5g jars for $5.00 because I wanted to try them out first before I got larger sizes...which is both smart and dumb? Haha

The first one is Glow :
The description on their site is :"Glow is a very light yellow pigment created to give your cheekbones and inner corners of your eyelids a very delicate and soft glow."

 Heavy Swatch
Blended out
With Glow, I used it as a highlighter for my face which you'll see used for both looks I did.
The pigment is definitely soft and finely milled and blended out beautifully. 

I really fell in love with this highlighter and I'll be going back to get it in the pressed version!
It gave me a soft natural glow x2! It really did add this luminous shimmer to my face without overdoing it. There's absolutely no glitter in this which is important to me because I personally hate glitters in highlighters. Unless they're extremely fine, it can look chunky so I definitely prefer satins and shimmers.

Nest is Kapu:
Kapu I actually received free! It was a surprise to me but little things like that can definitely win over a customer!
The description for Kapu is: Kapu is a mysterious dark greenish black pigment with a touch of blue and green iridescents"

Depending on how the light is hitting this shadow, it can look more green or more black/green/smokey.
It's naturally a darker color and I love how this looks!
 It's not a color I would normally go for because I'm boring but I'm glad it came as a surprise!
I used it to make a nice smokey eye and it blends seamlessly. If you blend to much, it can turn into a more black/grey color, but, if you pat on some more in the center, it brings back that strong green finish.

(please ignore stray hairs, I haven't gotten my brows waxed in a while, haha)

I'm wearing glow as the highlighter in this picture and you can see that shimmer!~ Soft and not overdone.

Description: "Buttery Nipple is a bright, light golden colored pigment remnant of the infamous Buttery Nipple shot. The name explains it all. A little goes a long way."

I found that buttery nipple can come across as a little warmer and orange when swatched heavy but blended out, it makes a really pretty soft gold highlight or shadow.
 I used it in the middle of the lid as well as underneath.

 I used a mix of Glow and Buttery Nipple on my highlight for this look~

I tried to go for a darker feel in this last picture...because it's actually pretty stormy outside so it fit the time, haha.

Overall, I loved all the shadows and they were very well pigmented and smooth! I'll definitely be a repeat customer of Pili Cosmetics!

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