[Sponsored Review] SCL 23 C-BROWN

Hello all~

I bring you another circle lens review to start off the next week! I have a few things planned for future reviews including makeup tutorials and cosplay makeup for circle lens reviews!

I know I keep saying that I'll do more posts/ others posts in the future and I don't really get to them..so we'll see how well I stick to this. xD

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KLENSPOP were so kind as to sponsor me another pair of lenses to review for you all~
This time it's the SCL 23 C-Brown

Basic Information:
DIA: 14.3
B.C: 8.8
Water Content: 38%


The lenses came packaged in a small box similar to the one that the first pair of lenses came in. The picture is different on the front and I'm wondering if each lens has a different design or if there's a select few.

The actual lenses come in the same vials that most of them come in.

 These lenses are a natural brown color...so natural they they blend right in with my eyes! Definitely a type of lens that you'd wear more on a daily basis~ I tried to compliment the simplicity of the lenses with a toned down look...but my hair was filthy and didn't photograph well, haha. I still think this type of look goes well for a type of "moody but innocent" feel. xD
Very comfortable! I could see myself wearing these lenses on a more regular basis when I'm not trying to enlarge my eyes or add color and drama to them. 

These lenses I would say have very minimal enlargement. They're sized more to just cover your natural eye and possibly extend a tiny amount. I think that what can make them "look" enlarging is the darker limbal ring but it's very minimal. Not necessarily a bad thing unless you're looking for dramatic enlargement!

To show you the true appearance of the lenses, none of these pictures have been edited (except for the last two which have snazzy overlays on them! 8D)

And now two super moody pictures! 8D


  1. Wow! They look really nice! Like your real eye, but bigger. I was thinking about try these lenses ^^ Thank for the review~~

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely recommend these lenses if you're looking for a daily lens with comfort~

  2. Wowow, THEY LOOK SO NATURAL AND GOOD ON YOU. D: I don't know what lenses don't look good on you, tbh. I've been your circle lens fan girl for so longggg. T__T!
    Junniku Korean beauty blog!

    1. You're too kind! That means so much to me~ It's good to know that someone is finding my posts useful. x3

  3. These lenses look so natural on your eyes!!! It makes you look so innocent and pretty heheh >~~<
    I'm really loving the photography in this post as well~~