[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe lens 17 in Gray

Whattttt? Another post!? So soon?!

I'm trying my best to get all of these reviews out in a timely manner and making sure that each look is different from the next!

Luxurybabe sponsored my several lenses to review for them and, after my Kasumi Cosplay Lens Review,  I couldn't think of a gray eyed characters that matched any of the wigs I own so I decided to do a dark blue smokey eye. A lot more dramatic then I would normally go for...but hey, this is a blog! And it'd get boring if I did the same looks over and over again. 

These lenses are called "Luxury Babe 17" in Gray. They are also known as Puffy 3 ton, Shinny 3 tone, etc~

This line of lenses is by far one of the best circle lens series I've ever tried. I would own all of the colors at all times if I could. 

All of the lenses in the Puffy/Shinny/17 line that I've tried have been comfortable, show up well on dark eyes and enlarge the perfect amount. I've had the Turquoise, Blue and Green before~

Because of the color of eyeshadow I'm wearing, the lenses are photographing a bit more blue then they look without shadow. I've had gray lenses look blue, grey and purple before~

These lenses are very well pigmented but don't have a BRIGHT gray look. It's much more toned down so if you're looking for a piercing grey color, this is not the lens for you. However, these lenses can change their color depending on the corresponding makeup you where with them. In the pictures, the lenses look more blue but they're definitely grey when looking at them. 

Most sites have this lens as a 14.5mm diameter but I think it's more of a 15-16. There's quite a bit of enlargement compared to other 14.5mm lenses and comparing them side by side, you kinda know. These lenses have the perfect balance of enlargement and natural~

This line, as I've said before, is incredibly comfortable! One of my favorite lines because of that as well as other reasons. I think if you're looking for a lens that you can wear all day in cosplay with the right amount of color, comfort and size, this is always a great "go-to". 

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