[ Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 97 Brown (Pic Heavy~)


I'm pretty sure I mentioned making blog reviews with cosplay involved and this is the first one!
Luxury Babe Lens contacted me for a sponsorship and I couldn't pass it down!

I've been wanting to do this type of review for a while now because I know that circle lenses can go hand in hand with cosplay and what better way to showcase them then to use characters that you could  use them for!

I'm starting out with characters that I, of course, am familiar with and even have costumes and wigs for but maybe I'll look into other characters in the future.

LBL allowed me to pick out a few different lenses and this is the first of the set. I'm planning an Ahri one...but I'm stumped for the other two. One is a bright blue and the other is Grey. If you have suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

~Luxury Babe Lens 97 in BROWN~

These lenses came in packaging that I'm actually loving! They're easier to get into then the vials and are probably more shipment friendly as well, haha.
(You can see how blind I am! x_x)

I forgot to take a shot of the actual lens so this was taken with my phone! Whattttt~ So crisp. xD

 I think these lenses are supposed to be semi-sheer so the color isn't as strong but still noticeable. Kinda like a soft overlay~
The lenses start with a black gimbal ring and go in to a more medium brown color. The little black "ridge" lines add a natural look to the lens since it's mimics the "lines" in eyes.
This lens is definitely more natural colored but that isn't bad if you're doing a brown eyed character when your main focus is enlargement~
The lenses are pretty comfortable...the only thing I noticed is that, in my right eye, the lenses moved around a lot which I could feel but it was uncomfortable in any way. I'd say it was just annoying because my vision would get foggy when it moves. I know one of my eyes has astigmatism in it, so this could be the cause of the slight movement. 
The lenses are listed as 16-17 mm and they do enlarge but I don't think it's quite at 17. More so towards 16 since it's very noticeable but 17 is very large! It definitely gives that "anime" eye look right away without being over the top.

(Super serious! xD)

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