[Sponsored Review] BUNNY 3 COLOR GRAY + Surprise Guest~

~Hello all~ 
Recently, I've been working on reviews with cosplay pictures but while I'm doing that, I'm also working on doing makeup looks that I normally wouldn't do.

If you haven't noticed, neutrals are usually the colors I stick to. That means browns, taupes, champagnes, etc. I've started to work on stepping out into brighter colors and hopefully one day, different shapes, looks, and all that other fun stuff. I know this will take a while to step out of my comfort zone but I'm trying! I'm used to doing crazy looks on models, but definitely not myself, haha.

Here's to slowly getting out of the box!

Why YES! You CAN click the picture to take you directly to the lens' page~

Klenspop was so kind to send me two lenses to review this time. If you haven't seen my previous one, be sure to view it: here
Also, don't be shy to look around the blog at the other reviews, posts and leave me comments! :3 They make me happy, haha.

Originally, these lenses sell for 18.00USD a pair, but, they're currently on sale for 9.50USD! That's a crazy deal!

I will say that I had a little bit of a problem getting these lenses in my eyes. 
These lenses are SOOOOO thin that they tend to fold over before you can even put them in. 
I've never had lenses this thin and, although difficult to get it, they're virtually undetectable wear wise. 

Obviously I was able to get them in but I definitely suggest putting these lenses in BEFORE applying any type of cosmetics. Because they're difficult to get in your eye, it can smudge or mess up surrounding makeup. Easily avoidable~

I'm a pretty big harry potter fan and this look reminded me of Gryffindor! And then I realized that these lenses would have been perfect for a slithering look, haha. Maybe next time~

These lenses are a sheer grey color that fades from grey to a warm brown. It's a very natural colored lens and doesn't show up very brightly. I would say that these are just to add a bit of dimension to the eye and can look very subtle which would work if you're not looking for a "dolly" look but a more "mature'' look.

Great comfort! These lenses are so thin that you can't feel them at all on the eye.

These lenses offer ZERO enlargement. They're meant as more of a color lens instead of enlarging. The listed diameter is 14.5 mm which is just large enough to make the design 14mm which covers the natural eye. 

PUA!!!! 8D

As always, all of my sponsored reviews are still 100% MY OWN OPINION. 

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