[Review] Brija Cosmetics "You Know Who..." Face Highlighter

Recently I've been looking at different highlighters to use for (obviously) highlighting, mixing with foundation for dewy looks, etc. There's no "perfect" one for everyone and you definitely have to try out different ones to see what you like and what you don't.

I already have quite a few highlighters (because as a MUA they're a necessity) but they're mainly pressed powders which I tend to prefer when using just to highlight the face. 
With them being pressed, they can get troublesome trying to mix with foundations since you have to scrape it out and hope you don't get too much because you can't exactly "put it back". Thus, I started looking for loose ones!

Recently I've been on a huge etsy kick because of my wedding approaching and it's so easy to find favors, decorations, etc on there and I love being able to support small businesses!

I decided to take a look at the highlighters that different sellers were offering and picked out a few to try out!

The first one to arrive was Brija Cosmetic's (Etsy Link) "You Know Who..." from her Harry Potter collection.

I'm actually a HUGE harry potter fan and my Fiancee and I have our own uniforms and robes for our respected houses. (For our one year, my Fiancée actually made me my very own wand which you'll see in the pictures below!)

The description for this highlighter was what really got me!

"This highlighter will give your skin the ethereal glow of the Heir of Slytherin presented in a spectral array of gold, silver, and blue sheen suspended in an eggshell white base. "

I was all "oohhhhhh~ I want that ethereal glow!" Haha!

Another thing I'd like to note is that Brija Cosmetics is:

100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free and Dye Free!

The purchase was made on Aug 22nd and it arrived on the 29th! I always give homemade products a little bit of more leeway time since you never know if a fresh batch has to be made but this arrived very quickly!

I purchased the full sized jar which is 10 grams for USD$7.50 with $2.75 for shipping. The total cost was $10.25.

It came wrapped in a cute patterned paper bag that was inside a padded white poly bag with a note and a sample of "Scared, Potter?".
The sample is actually quite a lot of product and you could get a lot of uses out of it! "Scared, Potter?" is a mustard-y yellow eyeshadow with what looks to be a green undertone. I'm not sure what I could use it for...but I'm sure i'll find a use~

The container is about the same size as a gel liner (it's actually the same exact size as my ingot liner and the same diameter as all of the potted nix concealers).

This may not seem like a lot of product but it is!

The jar has a sifter which keeps you from getting too much product out at one time. You do need to tap it a bit to get the product out but a little goes a long way so this helps to make sure you don't get use too much. 

And, if you just want to scoop a bit out to mix with something, the sifter come sour easily. :)

Heavy swatch. This stuff is pigmented!

But also blends out to a beautiful, natural sheen.

The highlighter gives a very soft sheen and looks natural with a more "glow from within".

I will say that it's a lot more noticeable in person as well~

 (Please excuse my skin! I recently had a pretty bad allergic reaction to some new shampoo and have broken out in hives on my face, arms and ears x____X They haven't quite gone away yet, haha)

 Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase! I could see this as an every day highlighter since it's not too shimmery and just leaves a nice satin finish on the skin.


ANDDDDD, if I wasn't a very convincing Slythering, it's because I'm actually a GRYFFINDOR!

Though, the boo keeps telling me that I'm in denial and am really a Slytherin and he even started singing "True Colors" when he saw me wearing his robes, haha.

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