[Sponsored Review] Klenspop Bunny Color Brown Lens

Hello again~

I bring you a new lens review from KLENSPOP who sponsored me this pair~

Honestly, I haven't worn circle lenses in a while since I don't go to many events anymore and I feel like my glasses help me see better details at work. ~But~ I'm looking to start cosplaying and attending more events again which means I'll be in the need of new lenses.

There's always tons of designs coming out so it's nice to have these reviews to see how they all stack up against each other. 

See how this pair did!~

Klenspop decided which pair to send and they choose the Bunny Color Browns.
These lenses retail for $15USD.
Diamatere: 14mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Suggested Usage Period: 6 months.

KLENSPOP has pretty quick responses and, within 2 weeks of agreement, I received my lenses! I want to say it was actually a bit less then 2 weeks..but I can't remember the exact amount of days. 

The lenses came packed in a small cardboard box for shipment purposes and then they were packaged within this cut little box.
They come in the generic circle lens container of a glass bottle which I actually didn't have a hard time opening! I have a love/hate relationship with those metal/plastic toppers!

In the bottle these lenses appear to be a very nice subtle creamy brown color. It's almost at a "honey" level but not quite warm enough.
I love taking close ups of the lenses so you can see all the "pixelated" colors and designs, haha.

All of these pictures are completely unedited to help you to see the natural appearances of the lenses in my eyes.

Although just a slight difference, it's still very noticeable and creates a completely different look.

This lens is a very natural medium dark brown. You can definitely see some texture in the design and it adds some depth to the natural eye if you have dark brown eyes.

Very comfortable! Could barely feel them in at all and they're extremely light and flexible.

Compared to other lenses, this is on the lower end of enlargement but still enough to add drama. These lenses definitely go for a more natural look instead of the total obvious enlargement. They reach just slightly out of the natural iris with it's limbal ring.

Overall I really enjoyed these lenses and hope to wear them out more. Even though these lenses lean more towards a natural look, they still change the whole end image completely and can definitely be the finishing touch someone's looking for.


I was recently at an event where I was cosplaying and wearing circle lenses. After 3 hours of wear, my eyes started to feel uncomfortable so I took them out immediately. That's when I realized that the ones I had put in were an old pair of mine that I forgot to throw out and looked extremely close to a new pair I had just received. 
I can't stress enough the importance to listen to your eyes! If anything feels off, TAKE THEM OUT! Wash them, make sure there's nothing wrong with them and, if there is, THROW THEM OUT! 
Marking your lens cases is also a good way to keep track of them and their expirations. I started to write the date of opening on the cases so that I can easily distinguish the old from the new. AND DON'T WAIT TO THROW THEM OUT. If they're bad, throw them out immediately. 

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  1. Wow I know this is a lens review, but your hair is SUPER GORGEOUS :D they look so nice with the brown lenses <3