[Review] Isis Brown Sugar Lace Front BS206 in Red Velvet (Pic Heavy)

Say " Hello" to my cat again! 8D
She always loves to try and get cuddles when I'm taking pictures and I'm too much of a softy to say "no" so I end up just petting here for like...20 mins. 

Recently, I went to an event in Orlando (post to come later) and I really wanted something to spice up my look. If you didn't realize, no matter how many times I dye my hair, I always go back to black soon after because I'm lazy and the upkeep is insane when you have naturally dark hair. 

I was in a time crunch (by "time crunch" I mean it was a Tuesday and I needed a wig before I left on Friday)
I scoured the depths of ebay and google for a wig seller in the US since I knew that I'd have a better chance of getting it in that short amount of time....


After searching for a few hours, I finally decided that I wanted a short wig. Probably curly. Definitely red. I have this obsession with red hair since I've never actually gone red and I really want to, haha. 

I quickly found one that I liked online and then the search was on to find a seller who had the color I wanted and was in the US.
I found that seller on ebay by the name of Sameday_wigs 

I quickly messaged them asking if it would be possible to get the wig in 2 days not even expecting a reply for at least 24 hours.

The reply was almost immediate. They let me know that the best they could do was ship it out the next morning (because it was like..8 o'clock at night, haha) and the rest was up to USPS.
 I know that it wasn't exactly what I wanted...but I couldn't ask for much since I was super last minute.
I went ahead and purchased the wig and prayed to the wig gods that it would arrive to me.
The next day, it was indeed shipped out but it showed 3 day shipping. 3 days would have made it arrive on Saturday when I would already be in Orlando. I was slightly disappointed but I kept some hope.

I watched the tracking like a HAWK and eventually saw that it was "Out For Delivery" on friday morning! I couldn't believe it! I made sure that I set up shipment notifications to my cell and it was delivered at 10 that morning! You guys could not BELIEVE how excited I was.

Sameday_wigs couldn't promise me anything but they definitely did their best to get it out to me ASAP and it arrived just in time!

I was so excited when I received it that I basically tore open the box it came in...>>
Either way, the wig was a HUGE hit with all my friends and a lot of people thought it was real! Score!

Now, for the actual review!
The wig was delivered in a USPS priority mail bag (that I quickly ripped open) and was packaged in the usual wig bag with stiff cardboard around it to help it from getting squished.

It came with the tags, of course, which had all the details about the wig including color, fiber type, etc. This wig is listed as having "swiss lace" which is supposed to be softer and less 'itchy" then the normal lace. I have wigs with both and I personally have no preference.

This wig is a "Human Hair Blend" which I'm assuming means it's human hair mixed with synthetic. Coolio.

On the tag, it has lace front tape to help secure the wig as well as instructions on how to use it. I personally can't for the life of me get tape to work...so I just make the wig tight, haha.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the wig before I cut off the lace..but imagine that there's about an inch of lace attached to the "hairline" area. This is where you trim it to your desired length so it'll blend in.

My personal favorite types of lace front wigs are the ones with an "L" or "J" part. This just means that the wig is parted a certain way with lace in that area and can help the wig look more realistic.

The only thing I don't like, but I understand why they do it, is that the lace is a darker color. I'm assuming that the lace is colored that way due to their main target audience and it's a pretty easy fix if it doesn't match your skin tone. 
To lighten up the part's lace, I just use a water proof concealer and dab it along the lace to color it. I set with a bit of powder and spray. This doesn't always do the job so I also like to wear a nude wig cap underneath.

It ends up looking like this when worn.

Like I said, the tape doesn't really work out for me so I just put it on the tightest setting. This doesn't work for everyone (i.e. if you have a lot of hair, if your head size is larger etc).

 Because I don't use the tape, the wig sometimes slides back a bit (I have a lot of hair underneath that wig!) so you have to watch out for that. luckily, the wig has a dark base so I can get away with some of my hairs sticking out.
This isn't how the curls originally looked in the back...but I brushed it out because they were a lot tighter.

Overall I really LOVED this wig! 
I wore it for over 7 hours two days in a row and it was so comfortable that I nearly forgot I was wearing it!
It was exactly what I had wanted and it definitely added the drama to my look that I needed for the event. 
SO MANY people thought it was real even when they saw it in person and I couldn't have been happier. PLUS, the price was right on point. This wig, plus shipping, was only $39.99USD. Did I mentioned it arrived in 2 days!?

(I probably added wayyyyy too many pictures of my face...but I really liked the "black widow" vibe in some of them xD)

 Here's also some EOTD! 8D

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