[Review] Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me Liquid Liner

Hello all~

I've been pretty busy recently which means that I don't get a lot of time to post at all...but I've been trying really hard to get back into it and set aside time just for this.

I recently got back from a really fun photoshoot weekend where I was the MUA and I've been wanting to share that with you all.
I really want to start blogging about events and fun stuff that I do in my life so that I can move this blog towards a more "general" beauty blog direction instead of just reviews. (There's always this weird feeling I get when there's too many "I"s in my posts x_x)


My mom is an avid freebie-er and I love visiting her every month because not only do I get to spend time with my parents, I also get a bag of goodies! 8D
Every now and then she gets influenster boxes and hands them off to me to review. This is one of those boxes! 
Obviously, the products were sent for a review by them but , as always, all of the following are my own opinions.

Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner

 The eyeliner is a normal pen type with a soft grip and the tip is in a paddle shape.
Because of the paddle shaped tip, this liner can be applied in two ways. One is by using the thin side to create small, thin lines, or, you could use the flat side and create thick lines.
 I wouldn't say the color of this is an "intense" black. It's still pigmented but it's a little on the watery side where the color is a tad diluted compared to other liners.

Because of the paddle tip, I had a hard time winging out my eyeliner without it looking "rounded" at the end. I've used every type of liner that I can think of and I honestly don't think this applicator shape is conducive to applying liner. It makes straight lines just fine but if you're more of a wing girl like I am, it's not for you.

The liner shown was 3 layers. As you can see, it's not the most saturated of blacks and looks like it has already faded after just applying it. 

This liner costs anywhere from $7-$9 USD and I think that Covergirl has come out with plenty of better liners then this one. What really makes me dislike it is the paddle shaped applicator tip. 

Now for better news!

I believe the color I received of this was "Black" (Sometimes they have a very black/intense black/etc).
This mascara, from the outside, is no different then any other. It's in a cylinder shape and the outside is a turquoise-y color with lime green accents.
The formula for this mascara is on the wetter side which is actually something I prefer. Especially when working with fake lashes!

The Super Sizer mascara has a tiny little plastic applicator that can really get into the corners and get those tiny hairs. It has short "bristles" which I'm assuming make it to where it doesn't "define" as much as it gives volume (which can sometimes mean clumpy).

I personally really liked this mascara! 
When working with fake lashes, I always like to have a wetter mascara so that i can press my lashes and the fakes ones together. With a wet mascara, it allows you more time to really get them to stick to each other and I feel like it helps it stick better because it "dries together" if that makes sense.

My natural lashes are pretty straight so that extra "stick" power helps when pressing them into the lashes.
 My lashes don't photograph very well (because they're so sparse and straight!) but you can definitely see the difference. 

I really want to get another mini corner curler so that I can curl my bottom lashes, haha.

The only notes I can make about this mascara is that I can see it clumping very easily. I personally don't mind a little clumping but I can see it going from "acceptable" to "OH GAWD MY EYES ARE FLY LEGS". Which I don't really mind either, haha. 

Another thing is that, the one I received, wasn't waterproof. I don't mind it for everyday use or review usage but I do like to wear waterproof mascaras on longer days. 

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