[Sponsored Review] Infanta Fairy Dance Blouse in White

Hello all~

Another LONGGGGG overdue review!

Lolitadressesshop has been a very kind sponsor for my blog and has once again gifted me with a product to review for you all!
I've been slowly trying to increase my lolita wardrobe and every piece that is gifted to me gives me new possibilities for coords!
Last time I reviewed a full dress but this time, I thought that some basics would be best! I decided upon this Infanta Fairy Dance Blouse~

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This blouse sells for $69.99 USD on their site which I think is pretty reasonably priced considering a lot of lolita clothing can be very costly.

The blouse took about a month to arrive from picking it. I always wear a size M in asian sizes so I went ahead and got this one in M too!

When the blouse arrived, it actually wasn't white at all! More like a cream color. Not a huge deal to me but it could be for other people since you often buy things to match others.

As you can see, the blouse is VERY sheer and you'd have to wear a camisole underneath it for it to be wearable with a skirt. If under a dress then it's not an issue. :3

Details of the cute bow buttons~
I always love when things have smalls details that might normally be missed because it adds a little special something and makes you feel like the makers really put a lot of attention to details.

The lace used on this blouse is very soft and I thought it was nice quality~ 
Instead of keeping to a cream lace, they added white lace which I think adds a nice touch so it's not just one tone.

The blouse arrived with Infanta's super cute tag and an extra button incase you lose or snap one off. Always handy! Even if you never need to use it, it's always nice to have a back up. Someone once told me "better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it~". It was pertaining to something else but it still applies. xD

I know you guys are used to me only having nice things to say about products, but, I have to be nitpick on some of these details. I'm not sure if you can see it, but, the elastic used in the sleeves is red. It's not SUPER noticeable as in, it's not the first thing you notice, but, it's definitely red and it stands out from the sleeve. This may not has been a huge issue but since the fabric is so sheer, it shows through.

I also wear an asian size M like I mentioned earlier and this blouse, when not even tied, was too small around my bust! I even used a sports bra!
my usual bust measurement is 34-35 in which is within the M measurement guide and I've never had a problem before. Everything else fits, just the bust.

My overall opinions is that this blouse is super cute and whimsical looking that would be great for classic lolita or mori gal. I would suggest purchasing a size up then usual and just lacing the back up. This will make sure that you're not having any of the "busting out" look. There were definitely things that I would change about the blouse (like the red elastic) but overall, it's a decent blouse.


  1. I *love* this type of blouse, where the frill at the neckline can come out over the top of a jsk. Thanks for the review, it's very helpful ^_^

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