[Sponsored Review] Costume Super Center Red and White Super Hero Boots

Hello all!

I've been gone for a while since it's gotten pretty hectic in my life.
First it was the holidays, then it was bad weather and then my second job started taking off!

There's tons of reviews backed up now that I'll be (hopefully) getting out ASAP.

Costume Super Center honored me with a chance to review a product that would be help along my next cosplay and also be featured in it.
At the time, I had been looking at the Kotobukiya Bishoujo series that are based off of Shunya Yamashita's artwork and was inspired.

By what exactly?...


I'll save the "makings of" for another post but let me tell you, it wasn't easy peasy, haha.

During the long process of making this costume, I contacted CostumeSuperCenter about a possible sponsorship.

They were extremely professional, super nice and very interested in the cosplay scene and helping out cosplayers.

There had already been one item I was eyeing in particular as a great base for my shoes since I'm not the best shoe cover maker, haha.

Straight up Wonder Woman boots! 
I thought these would be PERFECT. 
I could make covers that could slip over them, but for the most part, I wouldn't have to do anything since they already had the color and shape.
Anddd~ if I ever decided to do other versions of wonder woman, I could just recycle them!

I'm sure as a cosplayer, we all know how expensive platform boots can get but these were extremely well priced! Only $54.97! I've paid up to $90 for a pair of plain boots before so I was pretty impressed.

They shipped it out and it arrived to me in less then a week! It was packaged in it's box (the box got a bit banged up on the journey but the shoes were in pristine condition) and separated with the brand's tissue paper. 

When stuffed, the boots stand well on their own. 
It may just be me, but I see this as a way to test how "well balanced" heels are. If they topple over, they're not balanced and your walking has to compensate for it. This may not make sense for people who've never walked in a pair of heels that weren't made entirely "even". It makes a difference though!x

I'm not sure the exact height of the heels but I'd estimate about 3 inches with an inch platform in the front as well.

The stitches on these boots are very clean and well done.

The point of the boot isn't floppy and holds it shape extremely well while worn. This is pretty important because you don't want wonder woman boots where the signature "point" doesn't stay up.

For review purposes, I decided to keep the boots plain so that you could see how well these shoes compliment the costume by themselves with no tweaks.

 (I had to shrink these pictures A LOT so they might be a bit blurry. Fair warning. xD)

Photographer: Kendra Paige Photography
Model/Costume/Makeup: Miki Sarroca
Armor: Trey W.
Editor: Ayesha Khan

Overall, CostumeSuperCenter was AMAZING to work with. They shipped out the boots quickly and definitely have quality product.

The boots themselves were very comfortable to walk in and, in my opinion, completed the outfit.
The only thing I can say against the boots is that the calf part was a bit big for me. Even still, this helps with making sure the boots fit a large variety of people. It didn't make the boots sit weird or anything, they were just roomy around the actual leg.

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