[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 95 in Brown

Another circle lens here for you all to see!
Apple Of Your Eyes was so gracious to sponsor me these lenses a long with two others. They're always so kind to me and Luxury Babe lenses have really interesting patterns

Luxury Babe apparently released several new lenses so I picked a few designs out in different colors.
This particular one is their 95 lens in Brown.
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[Sponsored Review] Lolitadressesshop Cotten Sweet Strawberry Sundae OP Infanta

Hello all!

I bring you a review about my latest addition to my loli closet!
Lolitadressesshop graciously sponsored me this ADORABLE lolita dress and I can't wait to share my experience with you~
Recently I went to my first local loli mett-up since moving (a year ago x__x) and I've been really wanting to expand on my lolita clothing. Most of my stuff is bodyline or from an Indie brand that I've worked with before. Since I'm still relatively new to actually dressing this way, I've been getting very simple basics to get my feet wet~
Hopefully I'll be expanding more soon!

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[Review] Mirabella Colour Vinyl Lipstick swatches and review

Here's a post that's a little different from what I normally do~

Mirabella is a brand that I deal with a lot at work and they come out with new collections quarterly. I figured I'd start posting reviews and swatches of them since they're relatively new whenever they come in and it'll help people who are hesitant in buying them! :D

So, to my knowledge, Mirabella is slowly phasing out their normal lipsticks and instead switching to these ones instead. Their starter set is 12 colors ranging from nudes to berries and are paraben and gluten free!

Here's what the site says about them:

The colors I personally own are Glossy Ginger, Rosy Rouge, Metallic Blush and Caramel Creme.

I've yet to put the "10-hour wear" claim to the test since I've never had to wear makeup that long, haha. But it's definitely stayed put for 5 hours with no feathering and only minor re-application.

I feel that the lipsticks vary a but from eachother as far as smoothness goes and some also have hints of shimmer in them but the shimmer doesn't really show up on the lips.
Some of them glide on like butter and others take a quick second to heat slightly from contact to your lips.

Swatches from left to right:
Pink Polish, Glossy Ginger, Rosy Rouge, Caramel Creme, Mulberry Mocha, Cherry Shine, Metallic Blush,Coral Flash, Lavender Lustre, Vintage Vibe, Scarlet Sparkle, Icy Violet

I think most of them are pretty accurate but the last two colors are actually a bit darker then they appear.

Out of the colors I personally own (even though I've tried all of them) my favorites are Glossy Ginger and Rosy Rouge. Out of all the colors, add Icy Violet and Scarlet Sparkle to that list!
Rosy Rouge reminds me of my favorite Shiseido lipstick that I ran out of a long while ago. xD

Hopefully this helps for people who wanted to see swatches!