[Sponsored Review] Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue

Hello again lovelies~

Recently I've really been giving thought to posts that I could do that AREN'T reviews. Reviews are lovely and all but I think blogs are, or at least can be, diaries. Digital ones that are so much easier to type then write out by hand.
On that note, I really came up with nothing. I don't really know what to write about so, here I am, asking my lovely readers what they'd like to read about.
Would you like behind the scenes posts about photo shoots?
Makeup how-tos, events, opinions on certain topics, etc. Please let me know! :) I always love hearing from my readers...it let's me know that there are actually people out there, haha.

Anyways, on to what this post is really about...which is a review.

Loveshoppingholics has been so generous as to continue to sponsor me lenses and I'm so thankful to them! Up to this point, I don't know what I'd blog about if it weren't for the reviews I had to do. xD

This time, I chose Vassen's Rainbow Eyes in Grayish Blue. I've been on a blue kick (which I never really got off of...I love blue and green lenses but I like to have variety as well, haha)

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[Review] Rock Star Wig Farrah in Vamp

Hello all~

Today I bring you a review on my latest wig purchase! For a little while I've been looking for the *perfect black wig* for my upcoming Wonder Woman cosplay!

It was pretty hard for me to pick the perfect wig because I wasn't sure if I wanted a lace front, normal wig, bangs, no bangs, etc.

Eventually I had my boyfriend pick one out of 5 and he chose this one. xD

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