[Sponsored Review] SoLolita Necklace/ Bracelet/ Headband / Earring/ Socks Review (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hey guysss~

Today I bring you a LONGGGGG review!
I'll be reviewing 5 items in total that were graciously given to me for review purposes by SoLolita~

They gave me the choice of picking out a necklace, bracelet, headdress, earrings and socks so I quickly got started and went through their whole site to make sure I picked the perfect ones.

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Long time no see! 

I've been a bit behind since I had to leave state suddenly and just got back. Now I'm dealing with the 6 hour time difference and jumping straight back into work. OH THE HORRORS OF ADULTHOOD, haha.

Anyways, this review is LONG overdue and I hope you enjoy it! :)

KKCENTERHK is a long time sponsor of mine and I"m always so grateful for anything they send to me to review. :)
This most recent time, I wanted to try out something different. Something that I've never even gotten close to.

Giveaway has been EXTENDED!

That's right!

Due to some personal things that came up, I had to leave state for a week (which happened to be the week that the giveaway ended!) so~ I've decided the extend the giveaway until the 30th of April!

For all the other details~ GO HERE:

That is all.