[Sponsored Review] SoLolita Lavender with Blonde wig

Hello all!

I PROMISE I'll start posting more frequently. There's a lot of reviews that I need to catch up on, giveaways I need to prepare, etc but I'd also like your input! What other type of posts would you like to see? Like...more quizzes about me? Some advice stuff? Leave me a comment!

I also have reviews of TONS of Tony Moly stuff to review and wigs (All purchased by me. :P ).

Also, 100 followers! IT HAS BEEN REACHED! I'll be posting details about my 100 follower giveaway soon and would just like to let you all know that this one won't be a strictly blogger one. I'll be crossing it with facebook as well. It will be INTERNATIONAL this time and there will be two different prizes. 1 for general followers and 1 for my loyal followers! If you've been an active follower (comments, likes, etc) then, when you sign up, you'll not only be put in the raffle for the general prize but you'll also be put in the raffle for the better "loyalty" prize. Some may say it's a bribe but...whatever~ ;) It's not too late also! :D
There may or may not be cosmetics, lenses, eyelashes, and wigs involved~ <3

NOW, to the actual post!

I was recently sponsored by Sololita to review a wig and I just received it!
By just received it, meaning it actually only took like..1.5 weeks to get to me, haha.

Anyways~ JUMP for the rest of the post~