[Review] INGLOT Freedom Eyeshadows 318/ 330/ 30/ 393/ 397/ 357/ 563/ 450 {Picture Heavy}

Hello all~
More INGLOT reviews coming your way!
All of the INGLOT cosmetics that I've been reviewing were purchased by me at The Makeup Show Orlando!

I've been super excited to do all these reviews so that I could get more cosmetic reviews on here~
The following post is about 8 shadows that I picked up~
I don't want to give too much away from the review so click the jump and read along!
Full details about my look (Wig, Contacts, etc) are in the post!

With Inglot, I think that one of their most notable products are the freedom palettes.
Basically they're refill (I say refill because they're not potted...but I don't think they sell singles either... O_o) like products that you can purchase separately to create your own palette. Each product comes in a metal pan so that it can stick to all magnetic palettes.
They do sell their own super cute magnetic palettes through their site, but I actually put these shadows in another palette since you can tend to fit more of them in a palette without barriers. 
They have pans of blush, powders, shadows, lips, concealers, etc so there's really an endless possibility of what you can do to create your own palette!

Most of the freedom shadows (excluding the rainbow ones) are ONLY $7! And you get TONS of product in each pan. 
They have such a huge selection of colors that it's kinda hard to take in all at once, haha.
They range from natural colors like browns and nudes to red and yellows. Even tons of blues and greens!
I actually wanted to get a lot more shadows at the show but it was so busy (and kinda dimly lit int he show room) that it was hard to stand there and focus on the colors. 
I did manage to get a few basics though!

Here's the information on the shadows directly from the site~

"Fully matte eye shadow that contains special silicones and treated pigments. It boasts high lubricity and a silky touch combined with easy smooth, long lasting, crease resistant application. Oil free formula provides the ideal matte finish and intense color.The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match your products and colors to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size."

From left to right are:
Matte 318 / Matte 330/ 30/ 393/ 397/ Matte 357/ Brow Powder 563/ 450

318: Just your basic white shadow. Medium opacity but it's build able and a great base color or highlight color. It's very smooth and blend able and, although it does swatch patchy, it doesn't apply that way on the lid at all.
330: A nice simple pinky peach nude. I know most nude shadows are usually warmer and a type of cream color but this one definitely leans on a slight pink side. Not so pink that it looks it...but it does have a slight shade of it in there if that makes any sense at all. Another great base color and super smooth.
30: A shimmery soft light gold. I originally bought this shade to be a highlighter and it's absolutely gorgeous as one. Due to the color though, it can only work on warmer skin tones since I think the gold in it might clash with cooler tones.
393: Soft Shimmery Peach. This color was actually a random choice because another shadow I wanted was sold out but, it's my absolute favorite out of the bunch! The color in pan looks to be a medium-light peach color but when it's swatched it is the most beautiful shimmery champagne color. This is my go-to highlighter color for my whole face. It gives a nice dewy glow to the face and the shimmers are so fine that it looks natural! The shadow itself is very smooth and extremely pigmented so it's best to use a light hand. Like butta! I will definitely be purchasing this color again and again and again!
397: A cool shimmery pink. I bought this for highlighting on cooler skin~ (Because I can't say no to good highlighter shades) Just like the rest, super smooth and soft and beautiful pigmentation~
Yaye Shimmers!
357: Medium/Dark Matte Brown. The color pay-off for this is awesome! The formula is super smooth and the application is so easy! Blends easily and is a nice crease color~ I'm hoping to pick out more browns and neutrals~ 8D
563: This is actually a brow color! I love warm mediums browns for my crease and this was the only one I could find in my limited time bustling around the booth. The color is semi-opaque and build able and is actually a lot softer then the rest! I'm assuming it's that way because it's meant for the brows? xD
450: Shimmery Raspberry. RASSSSPPPBERRRYYYYY is the perfect color for fall! Or Cranberry...cranberries too. I loveee colors like this because they're great for an all over color and for a crease color! Just like the rest, blendable, soft, etc~

With 318 and 30 as a base, I took 357 and 563 and blended that into the outer corner and crease.

These shadows are amazing. They're super pigmented and very silky and smooth~ They blend out beautifully and without much work. The brow shadow is a little bit sheerer then the normal shadows while still being very pigmented. I'm guessing it's so that you don't go overboard on your brows? Haha

Either way, I have the tendency to use brow powder as shadows and vice versa. :3

The shadows really do blend so well! 8D (Of course I had to ham it up for the camera xD)

I really hope to get another chance to see an INGLOT booth in person so that I can pick out more colors! 

Someone at the event actually said the perfect description for INGLOT. It's Mac quality but drugstore price. Which is perfectly OKAY with me! 

Face: MUFE HD in 125
Ruby Kisses Pure Mineral HD concealer in Rich Beige
INGLOT Freedom System Concealer in LW400
Lancome Blush in Evening Affair
INGLOT shadow 393 as highlight

Eyes: Desio Lenses in Innocent White
Cherry Blossom lashes
INGLOT shadows 318/ 30/ 563 and 357.

Lips: Generic brand in SAND

Wig: Wigisfashion Lace front


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