[Review] INGLOT Duraline

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I have soooo many things on the back burner right now and I'm trying to get caught up. I just started a second job so it's been taking a bit of my extra time and I haven't been able to focus on blogging recently. SO SORRY!

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I went to The Makeup Show Orlando and bought tons of goodies! I'll be posting about the makeup show at a later date since there's sooooo much I wanna say but I figured I'd start marking stuff of the list of reviews!

At the makeup show, I was pretty excited to check out the inglot booth since I had yet to try out their cosmetics but have wanted to for quite a while. One of the items I picked up was their Duraline! It's basically a mixing medium that turns eyeshadows in liner!

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On Inglot's site, they describe it as a "waterless clear liquid that can intensify the color of any powder  and transform it into an easy to apply water resistant liquid". It sells for $10.00 but licensed professionals get a nice discount!

It comes with a nice dropper that dispenses one drop at a time which is PERFECT because you only need a small amount.

I would say that it kinda feels oily or silicone-like. Very slippery feeling!

Here are some swatches of eyeshadows without and with duraline. The left color is without and the right is with. I tried to get a variety of light and dark colors. Some you can see a difference, others...not so much, haha.

I used the duraline with a pressed black shadow and then their pure pigment black for eyes and there's quite a difference.

The swatches shown are with the pure pigment black which is a lovely deep black. I've found that it's best to get a bit of powder on a palette, dip your brush in the duraline and then mix that with the powder until it's the right consistency. I'd say it's like a 2:1 ratio of powder and liquid that make the right consistency.

The duraline didn't work too well with pressed black powder for some reason...I had to go over the line several times just to get it to be even. I thought for a while that maybe the black pressed I was using just wasn't good but I used it with another type of liquid mixer and it worked fine so I think it might just work on loose. I did use it with another pressed powder on my brows and as you can see in the pictures, it's a little patchy compared to the smoother line on my lids. The shadow I used on my brows is a really nice pigmented shadow that I actually usually use dry so the fact that it came out so patchy with duraline seemed strange.

But, with both types of powders, it takes quite a while to dry. I would think it's completely dry, open my eyes fully and then small spots are on my lid. It takes longer then liquid to dry.

I definitely think this product is best used with pure pigments or loose powders and especially for  blog posts where I don't want to waste actual liner, haha.

Sometimes when I do blog looks, unless they're specific to the post, I'll use the products that I don't need to "save". So instead of using up gel liners and such, I'll use powders and cakes (I love cakes! 8D)

It does photograph well!

As far as staying power...it did stay all day when I went to work with it on so that's good! It did smudge a bit but I do also rub my eyes a lot throughout the day and there hasn't been many eyeliners undisturbed by my rubbing, haha.

I've been trying to get better at using thin lines but it's so hard since my eyes are so differently shaped (one is rounded while the other is almond) that the liners end up looking completely different from each other on the lid when I "even them out" so that they look the same when my eyes are open.

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