[Review] Inglot AMC Gel Liner 77 (Black)

Another INGLOT review here ! This time with a gel eyeliner that I've had my eyes on for a long time now!
I LOVEEE gel eyeliners! My eyeliners of choice go from gel, liquid, cake to pencil. I just love the smooth lines that you normally get from gels and liquids. Cakes have similar effects since you mix them with something but a lot of them aren't water resistant. Pencils are just a pain to me, haha.

I've read some other reviews about the AMC gel liner but I figured I'd add mine out there anyways~ It's my way of forcing myself to blog since I always think "well...there's so many other posts about this product from other bloggers so I don't need to" which really causes a block in my posts.

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The price is pretty great when compared to some other higher end brands and it's *just* above some of the drugstore brands.
Mac Fluidline: $16USD for .1oz
Stila Smudge Pot: $20USD for .14oz
Urban Decay Super Saturated: $22USD for .1oz
Maybelline Eye Studio: $8-10USD for .1oz
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner: $5-8USD for .08oz

Comparing prices and sizes alone, you definitely get the most product with INGLOT's liner and the price is just in the middle between high end and drugstore. More bang for your buck! 8D

I'm assuming all of their gels come with a sealed cover to show that it hasn't been opened (or tampered with) and to also keep in moisture!
The worst thing about buying a brand new gel liner is opening it to find out that it's already dried up!

I peeled off the seal to reveal the perfectly smooth top of the liner!
This is just one layer of the liner using a thin and thick brush~ It glided on like butter! So smooth~

The liner was extremely easy to use and there was absolutely no pulling. The formula was creamy and smooth while also being super pigmented to where you only need one layer to get the blackest effect!
You do have a bit of time to play with it since it' doesn't dry immediately which can be both good and bad. One the site it says it dries completely in 60 second and I think it takes a little less then that.

I absolutely LOVE the rich black color of this liner! Perfect for any kind of look. The liner dries to a soft matte so it doesn't have that actual "dry" look.
Once it was dry, it stayed the WHOLE day! No smearing or creasing! I haven't fully tested out the waterproof side but it's "winter" time here in Florida so it's not as muggy as it normally is...when it is, I'll be sure to add an edit on here to let you know how it went!

Final Verdict of this product is an A++! I will definitely be purchasing this again a long with other colors!

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  1. I really love how you drew your eyeliner! The product looks really good and I'm impressed with how pigmented it is.