[Review] INGLOT Freedom Eyeshadows 318/ 330/ 30/ 393/ 397/ 357/ 563/ 450 {Picture Heavy}

Hello all~
More INGLOT reviews coming your way!
All of the INGLOT cosmetics that I've been reviewing were purchased by me at The Makeup Show Orlando!

I've been super excited to do all these reviews so that I could get more cosmetic reviews on here~
The following post is about 8 shadows that I picked up~
I don't want to give too much away from the review so click the jump and read along!
Full details about my look (Wig, Contacts, etc) are in the post!

[Review] Inglot AMC Gel Liner 77 (Black)

Another INGLOT review here ! This time with a gel eyeliner that I've had my eyes on for a long time now!
I LOVEEE gel eyeliners! My eyeliners of choice go from gel, liquid, cake to pencil. I just love the smooth lines that you normally get from gels and liquids. Cakes have similar effects since you mix them with something but a lot of them aren't water resistant. Pencils are just a pain to me, haha.

I've read some other reviews about the AMC gel liner but I figured I'd add mine out there anyways~ It's my way of forcing myself to blog since I always think "well...there's so many other posts about this product from other bloggers so I don't need to" which really causes a block in my posts.

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[Review] INGLOT Duraline

Hello all!

I have soooo many things on the back burner right now and I'm trying to get caught up. I just started a second job so it's been taking a bit of my extra time and I haven't been able to focus on blogging recently. SO SORRY!

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I went to The Makeup Show Orlando and bought tons of goodies! I'll be posting about the makeup show at a later date since there's sooooo much I wanna say but I figured I'd start marking stuff of the list of reviews!

At the makeup show, I was pretty excited to check out the inglot booth since I had yet to try out their cosmetics but have wanted to for quite a while. One of the items I picked up was their Duraline! It's basically a mixing medium that turns eyeshadows in liner!

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