[Tutorial] Fawn Makeup~ (Picture Heavy)


Halloween just passed and I didn't really have a costume for work...so I just used what I had and did this super cute fawn look that I found on pinterest! xD

I must warn you, I make really weird faces when doing "picture tutorials", haha.
So....click the jump to see more pictures of the finished look (at the very end) and also for my awkward tutorial!

To start off, you need 3 different foundation shades.
1 Darker (I went 3-4 shades darker...about the shade I use for contouring)
1 Lighter (Preferably white)
and 1 of your skin tone~

Before I apply my foundations, I applied a face primer just so everything had something to adhere to and to help it last all day.

To apply the foundations, I'm using two different blending sponges.
One for the normal skintone/ darker and 1 for the lighter shade.

Apply your foundation to the bottom 1/4 of your face. You can skip this step if you want to but I have birth marks and dark pigmentation that I like to cover.

After, apply the darker shade to the top 3/4 of your face stopping just under the cheeks and nose.

BLEND! Make sure you blend the stopping point of the foundation so you don't just a line.

Lightly powder it with a dark shade of powder. This is the shade I normally use to contour. It's a bit darker then the picture lets on. xD I also use an even deeper shade when I want it to be more dramatic.

Take your second, clean blender sponge and apply the white foundation in a circle around and on the eyes.

BLEND! You don't want harsh lines in your makeup. Also take the white and apply some to your t-zone. Basic highlighting areas! 8D

Take your contouring powder and really outline your nose.

Take a white powder and lightly dust over the white foundation.

Apply eyeliner!

Take liquid (or pencil..your choice) eyeliner and make three dots on your nose as markers. I don't want my nose to be straight so I make little "humps" in the design.

Connect the dots and color in! Be sure to also color in around the nostrils and underneath~
Draw a straight line to your lips and color in ONLY the top lip.

Use a pointed q-tip and dab it in some of the white foundation. (Or use a white eyeliner pencil. Once again, use what you have!)

Apply dots around your face! Try not to make them look toooooo uniform but you also don't want them to be too cluttered.

 To seal everything in, lightly dust some translucent powder over EVERYTHING and then spray with a sealer spray.

Add some lashes and mascara and you're done!

Unless of course you're wearing a wig, haha. I also decided to do something different with my pictures and go for something a little darker for this. What do you think? :D I LOVE hearing feedback~


  1. I love it! It looks and sounds so easy to do too. :)
    Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you~ It was super easy to do and a very quick "costume" to put together~

  2. Omgg this is such a cute and wearable look!!
    Great for halloween! If I saw this tutorial earlier I would've done this look >_<~


    1. Thank you!~

      Sorry! I'm always super late posting things...>> I'm surprised I got this up as quickly as I did, haha.