Lolitadressesshop WishList~

Hello all~
I've been recently getting a few sponsored items from Lolitadressesshop and I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite items from their store! (Obviously, I haven't received any of these items since this is a wishlist. lol)

Most of these are dresses or sets that I LOVE.
(P.S. If you click the images, it'll take you to their sales page!)

Lolitadressesshop carries many indie designers on their page as well as their own line. It's nice to see a site carry a large array of products including things from different brands.
You'll see a lot of indie brands on my wishlist from them, haha.

Let me just start with this dress. I think I fell in love with it at first site. It's so elegant and dreamy that I started to drool when I looked at it. It comes in a few different colors (White, lavender, etc) but this black one just spoke to me! It's by no means "expensive" in the Lolita world with it's price tag set at 112.99USD but it's definitely something that I'd have to save up for (and justify to myself LOL)
I still can't get over how absolutely gorgeous this design is. Milu Forest really knows what they're doing with designs.

I know! I just couldn't stay away from this print! The print is based off of swan lake and this piece just EMBODIES swan lake. It really reminds me of a ballerina's dress too. The elegant white really pairs well with this particular cut. This one is a bit cheaper then the first at 105.50USD but it's still a bit up there. Both of the designs have a certain draw to them but I can't imagine having both...but deciding between them would be horrible! Dx I don't know if I'd be able to decide.

Halloween just passed and I realized that I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that was halloween inspired! I thought this print was ADORABLE with the little ghosts all over. I think the purple ghosts were also a nice touch in the design. Believe it or not...jsk aren't my favorite and I actually prefer full dresses like this where you don't have to layer. It's not because I hate's just that it takes a lot less pieces to wear something like this then to have a blouse under it, haha.
At 82.50USD this dress is pretty cheap for the cute design you'd get!

Here we go with the pink again. This dress was probably the most expensive one out of everything on this list coming in at 138.99 USD. OUCH! But, look at that pink set!
The dress is adorable by itself (and comes in different colors) but the blouse and jsk together in the pink picture is DROOL WORTHY! I'm really all over the place with my likes, haha.

Coming down to a cheaper item, I can't say no to floral crowns and this is definitely reminiscent of those. At only 25.99USD this is definitely affordable and oh so cute. DO YOU SEE THAT LITTLE BIRD?! I really have zero fashion sense when it comes to putting outfits together so I don't know how or what I would wear something like this with...but I would find something! xD

And last but not least, these SUPER CUTE PU Bownot shoes~ Most of my lolita shoes (actually all of them) are white or black so I've been eyeing other colors non-stop and I think pink is perfect. Pink is my favorite color so of course I'd find every way to try and incorporate it into outfits, haha.
These shoes sell for $74.99 USD on their site. I know this isn't considered "pricey" in the lolita world but I'm pretty cheap, haha. These shoes are so adorable though and I can't help but think that they're probably well worth their price tag.

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  1. I really like that Swan Lake dress, Swan Lake has always been a favorite story of mine ever since I was a child. I might have to look into it...