[Life Event] AWA '14 Lolita Fashion Show featuring BTSSB (Picture Heavy)

Good day!

Quite a while ago (in September, haha) I went to my first convention in almost a year. At least it felt like a year, haha. AWA is a convention that I've been to in the past but stopped going to for the distance. It's located in Atlanta and I was currently in Jax. I've moved since then and, although I didn't move any closer, I've been wanting to get out there and travel a bit!

My boyfriend and I have friends in ATL and another friend asked if I wanted to split the hotel with her so I figured "why not?!".

I had big plans for this convention but, unfortunately, all my plans fell through due to shipping issue or what not.

Fortunately, I had applied to be a model for the Lolita Fashion show!

We'll start from the beginning~

When I first knew of the possibility that I might go, I looked for things to keep me busy. I'm not usually a panel person...instead I like to get involved in shows or cosplay groups. It was a little to late notice to plan awesome groups, but when I went onto AWA's site, I saw they were having their fashion show!

I knew immediately that I wanted to apply and I also talked my friend in to doing it!

I applied by email about a month before the con and waited. We had to submit a head shot, body shot, etc.
A few (weeks?/days?) we were all contacted to let us know that BTSSB would be picking through the models first and then the indie designers would then get to pick.

I was hopeful that I would get picked for brand but I've also worked with AMAZING indie designers that I knew, either way, I wouldn't be disappointed.

I waited...and waited...and waited.

FINALLY, I received an email. I want to say it was at night? But I was so excited that I had to open it right then and there.
The email I received was a group message sent out to about 13 girls. WE WERE CHOSEN FOR BTSSB.
Unfortunately, my friend wasn't picked (I'm pretty certain it's because I submitted THE day that submissions opened and she waited quite a bit. DON'T PROCRASTINATE!)
but she did get chosen for a lovely indie designer!

We were both super excited as we were briefed about what we had to do.

Her fitting was very laid back and more of a..."come by my booth when you can" whereas mine was "We're meeting in this room at 9. Don't be late."
I was kinda jealous! xD
My fitting was friday MORNING.
My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get off on the thursday and drive up there...where we then proceeded to crash at our friends' place. xD

At the fitting I was SOOOOO nervous. I saw all the gorgeous dresses...and the even lovelier girls who would be modeling beside me. I SWEAR. They were all so tiny! I definitely felt like the odd-ball since I'm not the thinnest I've ever been, haha. I know that asian sizes are a bit different so I PRAYED that I would fit into these dresses. xD

We had roll call and then waited to be separated into groups so that we could be called into the fitting room.

Some girls were super lucky to get more than one look. I, on the other hand, only had one. They started out with Alice and the Pirates and then moved on to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

When I was finally called up, I had already seen TONS of gorgeous dresses so I was super excited. They handed my a clothing bag and directed me into the room.

At first glance...I'll admit I was kinda "meh" about it. It was brown and cream. Not my favorite color combo but I definitely don't have enough experience with the fashion to really make a decision on which style I like best.

I gingerly put on the outfit (there wasn't a mirror where I was) and waited a little bit to be seen by the designer and manager. While I was waiting, one of the helpers grabbed my bag and put the extra accessories on me. That's when one of the girl's asked "Are those cat ears?".
I'm pretty sure I freaked out then. I. LOVE. CATS. And cat ears. I'm pretty sure I'm a cat inside a persons body. Ask my boyfriend.
Either way, I finally got to a place that had a mirror and I looked for myself. Not only did I have cat ears, but they were ADORABLE. I instantly loved my outfit.
It wasn't the super frilly, girly, delight I was wishing for...but it was definitely love.

Fast forward to Saturday, the show day!

My friend and I had to be at the con at 6:45 in the morning. Blehhh. I am not a morning person. Or  a night person for that matter. I love to sleep. xD

We somehow dragged our butts out of bed and to the center.
We waited around a while as everyone arrived and then we were taken to main events.

There were separate walk-throughs for the brand and indie designers. The indie designers got done first and then about an hour later we were finished.
Baby wanted us to pose 7 times.
The left, right, middle, cat walk middle, catwalk right, catwalk left and then middle again.
Not only that, but they stressed to us that they wanted us to walk slow so that everyone could see all the details of the outfits.

Finally, we were sent out to get our makeup and hair done. Surprisingly, the run through ran until 8!
The show started at 12 so we had 4 hours to get TONS of girls done.

Luckily, I brought all my own stuff and was able to do all my makeup quickly and then helped out getting some other girls done. While we waited, selfies happened of course!

After we were all done, we went to the main events room where we were to get dressed.
There was a photographer working the event so we were able to get some great snap shots before the show!

Awkward mid-step but it shows the outfit!

Indie designers started to the show and it went really quickly! I was nervous but also excited when they finished because I was first up for Baby. TALK ABOUT PRESSURE! To get my mind off of being first, I took this so I could post it on fb! xD

Here's some shots from the stage!
Excuse the varying quality..they're all from different people! (some are from my boyfriend, the ones from the photog have copyrights on them...etc :) )

I tried to remember to pose at each point and to hold it for about 15 seconds. On stage it seems long but it's really not! Wait until all the flashes die down! xD

The designers kept saying "smile big!" xD

When I finally finished, I was so relieved that I didn't trip! x3 All the girls after me were AMAZING! Everyone did so well and we all bonded nicely~

BUT! I wasn't done yet! I was informed that I would be leading all the girls out for the FINALE~ Basically, we all walk the border of the stage while clapping in smiling. Easy enough!
This is what ended the show~ After the walk, we lined up, the designer and manager came on stage to talk a bit and then we walked off! PHEW!

I wasn't quite ready to get out of the outfit so I made sure to get pictures with some of the girls!
Masumi Kano and Rin~
I can't say how I did throughout the show since I couldn't see the screens...I can just hope that everyone thought I did well and liked my walk! x3

If anyone from the show sees this, I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being so nice to me and making the show tons of fun~ I hope to do another one with you all soon~

If you happened to see the show, tell me what you thought! :D


  1. Congrats on getting chosen to model for BTSSB, that's amazing!! Your outfit was super adorable and it looks like you did really well on stage at least from the pictures. This post definitely makes me miss convention season!

    1. Thank you! I was super lucky and so happy when I found out that I was chosen~
      Haha, I'd like to think that I did well enough for them to snap good pictures. xD

      Me too! x__x This was my first con in a while and also the first one I went to where I didn't have any costumes to wear.

  2. You did so well on stage, I had a great view of the show. You were adorable and did a great job posing, and were walking at the perfect pace! I couldn't help but mention to my hubby and friends how much I liked your outfit - especially the cat ears, they really suited you!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! The ears were definitely my favorite part as well~ I hope to do the show again next year~ You should look into it as well!