[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 97 in Blue

Hello again~

Here I bring you another cirlce lens review that was sponsored by Apple Of Your Eyes~
This time I chose the Luxury Babe 97 lenses to try out!
Recently I've been focusing on costumes right now so I haven't had a lot of time to do reviews...but now I've finally had a free moment!
(Also, I got my hair cut! 10 inches off! :D)

Anywho~ Jump for the review!

Although the original image of the lenses showcased a light blue, the lenses are actually a normal darker blue but it does have the halo effect. The color goes from black, to blue to a light honey brown to appear more natural~ From far away, they appear darker and don't show up as much as when you're up close.

 I'd say these lenses are probably...a 7/10 comfort. Not the most comfortable but I didn't feel any discomfort either. I could just feel the lenses in both eyes. :O I normally only have a problem with one eye (my left) so it's always a little weird when I can feel the lenses in my right eye, haha.
These lenses definitely enlarge! I'd say they're about a 15mm~ The blue ring of the lens actually is large enough that it goes around my iris completely so the whole blue part creates a blue halo!

Uwahhhhh~ My hair is so short now. :O It used to be down to my butt and now it's just under my shoulders! I was kinda expecting to feel that "OMG. SO LIGHT" feeling..but I didn't get it. D: SO strangeee~ I'm also not missing my long hair...I think it's because my hair cut is exactly like my long one. xD So it doesn't change the look.


  1. Your new haircut looks so good Miki it really suits you!!! I really love the way it's been curled ^_^
    Also these lenses look really pretty too, especially the blue rims :))
    Btw I like your new blog header~~


  2. Wow m so happy to find ur blog!!!! Its like dream come true
    we have same skin tone,skin type, dark eyes n hair and i use mufe hd 125 too its de best match i have ever found for myself.