[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 95 in Brown

Another circle lens here for you all to see!
Apple Of Your Eyes was so gracious to sponsor me these lenses a long with two others. They're always so kind to me and Luxury Babe lenses have really interesting patterns

Luxury Babe apparently released several new lenses so I picked a few designs out in different colors.
This particular one is their 95 lens in Brown.
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This lens has a "natural" design that looks very anime-like where the lines in the eyes are drawn in to look natural.
 Ohoho~ I always like taking pictures of the lens floating in solution. xD You can get really detailed pictures and even see all the "pixels" that make up the color.

The color I'd say is more of a yellow or honey brown. Definitely not your usual "brown" color which tends to be on the warmer side. Originally I was going to use these lenses to do an Ahri look for this review but I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and do it with my lolita review pictures~

I feel a little bad when doing reviews, haha. I always try to come up with a unique look for them..but I also fall back on gyaru makeup, haha. I just think that this type of look matches with circle lenses the best...but I'm also super weird about things like this. Once I get set in my ways, I'm a creature of routineee~
Are you guys tired of seeing gyaru makeup? Would you like to see something else? Let me know!

The color of this is very vibrant and it shows up great on dark eyes! The lenses are more of a yellow-brown and can definitely be used for any type of character that has yellow eyes. You do have a slight halo effect because these lenses are decently big but it's not a noticeable difference in color and it doesn't look weird either~

SO COMFY! I actually wore these to a loli meet-up and they were in my eyes for about 7 hours with no discomfort. My eyes didn't get dry, nor did I feel the lenses in my eyes. Great pair for comfort!
I'm not sure what size these are listed as but I'd say about a 15mm sounds right. They have a great enlargement and make your eyes look super big without looking too unnatural. I've gotten so used to large lenses that smaller ones looks weird to me know, haha. Yaye big, comfy lenses!

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