[Sponsored Review] Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue

Hello again lovelies~

Recently I've really been giving thought to posts that I could do that AREN'T reviews. Reviews are lovely and all but I think blogs are, or at least can be, diaries. Digital ones that are so much easier to type then write out by hand.
On that note, I really came up with nothing. I don't really know what to write about so, here I am, asking my lovely readers what they'd like to read about.
Would you like behind the scenes posts about photo shoots?
Makeup how-tos, events, opinions on certain topics, etc. Please let me know! :) I always love hearing from my readers...it let's me know that there are actually people out there, haha.

Anyways, on to what this post is really about...which is a review.

Loveshoppingholics has been so generous as to continue to sponsor me lenses and I'm so thankful to them! Up to this point, I don't know what I'd blog about if it weren't for the reviews I had to do. xD

This time, I chose Vassen's Rainbow Eyes in Grayish Blue. I've been on a blue kick (which I never really got off of...I love blue and green lenses but I like to have variety as well, haha)

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Per usual, once you receive your lenses, you should always RINSE them after opening and then let them sit in solution for AT LEAST overnight (8 hours) but it's often suggested to let them soak for 24 hours.

I always open my lenses when I get them and then let them soak until the weekend since that'd when I normally get time.

These lenses I'd consider more on the *special effects* side. You can clearly see the difference between the "front" and "back" side of the lens were as the more natural looking ones, the difference is more subtle. This also normally means that the lenses are thicker and/or more opaque. Not always the case, but it's common. :3

These lenses are pretty vibrant!

As far as color goes, these are a 5/5. Depending on the light, they can look more grey then blue and vice versa. The color is beautiful and has a really neat effect. I'm not exactly sure why, but the color reminds me of the moon. Or a werewolf...who's eyes are reflecting the moon. (Told you! Very *sfx-ish*!)

I'd definitely give these lenses a 3.5/5. They weren't the most comfortable lenses in the world but they weren't discomforting either. I could just feel them when I blinked and it was only in one eye. I wore them for a few hours with no discomfort other then being able to feel one of the lenses.

The lenses are listed as a 14.5mm and they do enlarge the eye quite a bit. Once I put them in, I could immediately tell the difference. Circle lenses are so normal to me that I actually think I look weird without them, haha. 5/5 enlargement because I think they enlarge to the right amount that they state.

(P.S. I'm actually a MUA and hobby model so this is the makeup look I went for in a photoshoot that I did recently. I used the same colors but the final look for the shoot ended up being a little bit more rounded for the eyes. I also think my skin work is getting a lot better. I used to be scared of over contouring in photos but it really does pay-off in the end product)

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