[Review] Rock Star Wig Farrah in Vamp

Hello all~

Today I bring you a review on my latest wig purchase! For a little while I've been looking for the *perfect black wig* for my upcoming Wonder Woman cosplay!

It was pretty hard for me to pick the perfect wig because I wasn't sure if I wanted a lace front, normal wig, bangs, no bangs, etc.

Eventually I had my boyfriend pick one out of 5 and he chose this one. xD

Click "read more" to see what I think about this wig!

I've actually eyed the Farrah before for a poison ivy wig and I'm actually thinking about getting a few more!

This particular one is in "Vamp" which is a natural black. The wig fibers are very smooth and shiny but  not so shiny that it looks fake. It's about a medium thickness, which isn't bad because SUPER thick wigs actually tend to tangle easily and it's very easy to brush out.

The cost for this wig was $49.99 (USD) which is a little expensive for me as far as wigs go (I'm a cheapo x__x) but it's definitely worth it for getting the right wig.
In the pictures, the wig looks a bit more on the curly side but my wig had more of the brushed out waves look which was perfect for me. I think these are heat resistant and take styling very well so if you wanted those curls, you could always curl it with a curling iron within the specified temperatures.

The bangs on this wig are long enough and have enough volume on it that you can both swoosh the bangs to one side and part it in the middle without it looking weird or being flat. I think that's definitely one of the downers about some wigs is that, although the bangs are long enough to move around, if you part it in the middle, it lays flat unless you style it. This wig did NOT do that. Perfect volumized styling already.

A+ purchase! Love this wig and it's going to look beautiful for not only Wonder Woman but my Zatanna also!

Might pick up a purple one for Psylocke too...


  1. WTF you look amazing with this wigggg~ *__* I was talking to my boyfriend and I was all like "she looks like an asian wonder woman" right before I read that you had bought it for a WW cosplay. Hehehehehe.
    Just wondering, but what contacts are you wearing here? THEY'RE SO GREEN. I LIKE. *____* <33333
    But wow you look amazing wow. *___*

    1. Awww~ Thank you! I'm glad that you could tell without the outfit!
      They're Desios in Forest Green. They're an italian brand that makes lenses specifically for darker eyes. Their Innocent White ones are AMAZING!

    2. Oooo, I've seen them around Instagram! SO NICE. I'll definitely look into buying a pair or two! Hopefully they're not expensive...

  2. Waaaaaoh! Looks amazing on you! It suits you a lot!!!