[Sponsored Review] SoLolita White Heart Bow PU shoes

Hello again lovelies~

I know I've been on hiatus for a little while but I've been soooo busy with work. x__x
All my free time goes into sleeping, cleaning or doing errands. The life of an adult is poop, haha...

Anyways! I bring you today a review on some lolita shoes that were generously sponsored to me be SoLolita!

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Ordering shoes is probably one of the hardest things for me. I'm not used to using other countries forms of sizing and I'm also unsure how others make their shoes! (I.e. are they wider, slimmer, do they run large, etc)

As I looked through the shoe sections, I had to google a size chart so I could match them up, haha.
I normally wear a size 6 in US sizes so I went for a 36. I now realize that I should have gone for a 35 because the 36s are just a tad too big.

These are the shoes! :D They came in a parcel bag inside their box~
I'm not sure how long the shipping took because I'm not sure the exact date of the ship-out but I believe it was about 2-3 weeks~

This is actually my first pair of official white lolita shoes!

When I opened the shoes, one of the first things I noticed were some orange smudges on one of the straps. I rubbed it just a tad with my thumb and it came right off!
Not that anyone would have noticed it when worn, haha.

The shoes themselves are made out of a soft pu fabric thats very smooth to the touch.

Here's a screen shot of the shoes directly from the site~
As you can see when looking at the pictures I took and their stock photos, there are some small differences. The most noticeable one is the shape of the heel.
In their stock photo, the heels curves in at the back whereas, on mine, they go straight down.
The straps also only go around my ankle twice whereas, in their picture, it should go around 3 times.

I'm not particularly picky or disappointed in this since they're still super cute shoes. Just not 100% accurate...maybe 85%, haha.

Here they are worn~ (I apologize for my socks. xD I couldn't find my normal stockings to I wore the ones from my Athena cosplay. xD)

The shoes are ADORABLE.
They definitely add an extra boost of cuteness with the whole look.

Wearing them...they're fine to walk in but I could definitely feel that the fabric around my heel was "soft". It bends and creases easily. Not exactly a problem since they're very comfy but I'd imagine that you'd normally want shoes that are a little stiffer...at least in that area.

Overall I'm EXTREMELY PLEASED with these shoes! They're adorable and comfortable and they add an extra touch to an outfit.
They're not 100% accurate but I don't mind since they're still extremely close.

Here's the outfit I wore them with!

My lolita closet isn't the largest and most of my clothing is 2nd hand or gifted to me by Elegy Clothing, my favorite indie designer who I've done some shoots for.

The blouse, skirt and bow are all from Elegy! 
(Chubi makes AMAZING clothes! Her stuff is super professional and comfy. She takes commissions but also releases sets that are GORGEOUS!)

I'd say that the styles I favor are Sweet and Classic but I'm also a fan of all of them~ I'm hoping to expand on my wardrobe and perhaps experiment with other genres.

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