[Sponsored Review] SoLolita Necklace/ Bracelet/ Headband / Earring/ Socks Review (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hey guysss~

Today I bring you a LONGGGGG review!
I'll be reviewing 5 items in total that were graciously given to me for review purposes by SoLolita~

They gave me the choice of picking out a necklace, bracelet, headdress, earrings and socks so I quickly got started and went through their whole site to make sure I picked the perfect ones.

I decided to pick out a matching bracelet and necklace because I feel completely in love with this design and I thought that a necklace and bracelet together would be just the right balance and not to gaudy looking.

For a while now I've had a small thing for hearts with wings on them because it reminds me of when I used my cosplay sn "WingedInfinity"...yeah yeahhhh...cheesssyyyy. :p

Unfortunately, they didn't have matching earrings...so I chose a pair that I just thought were neat!

I also received a gorgeous headdress and socks but I didn't get product shots of them, haha.

Alright~ First up to review isss~ Lolita Socks!
I don't really have any outfit to wear this with, so the following are just shots of the socks.

The socks reach up to just above my knee and they're a bit tight up there, but not uncomfortably so. I also don't have the smallest legs in the world, haha.

The design on the socks is absolutely ADORABLE. Pink hearts, butterflies and deers!
The pattern is only on one side of the sock so you know exactly which one goes on which leg.

These socks are ADORABLE and great if you're going for the sweet loli look~
They do run on the smaller side as far as thighs go so, unfortunately, if you're on the edge of thunder thighs like me, they'll be a bit tight.
For only $7.99, they could add a lot of extra flare to your coord~

Next item up is the gorgeous Bridal White Lace Headdress

I LOVE headdresses that go around the head. LOVE THEM. They're just so pretty and elegant but also have a flare of fantasy. I always think of elves whenever I see them.

This comes with an elastic backing so it'll fit most head sizes.
For comfort, behind the main, flat pearls, there's small pieces of circular felt that make a barrier between your skin and the jewelry so it's not scratching your skin.

I have a soft spot for these kinds of headbands but this one is really well made and super comfy. They put felt behind the main pearl fixtures to protect your skin from any possible irritation from the fixtures.

The headdress really has a feel of mystical innocence that I love because...ELVES. DUR.

Earrings are a little weird for me because, although my ears are pierced, I haven't worn earrings in FOREVER. 

The earrings look like they'd be really heavy but, in reality, they're pretty light! No pulling or anything.
They're quite a bit larger then earrings that I'd "normally" wear, but still really nice for occasions. The definitely have a punk/goth look to them.

Black Lace Heart with Wings Necklace
Black Lace Heart with Wings Bracelet

Like I mentioned earlier, I got a matching necklace and bracelet and they're SO beautiful.
The bracelet has a chain form the wrist that attaches to a matching ring and it reminds me of ear cuffs, haha.

They have this lovely gothic/steampunk feel that I definitely tried to play off of.
Both the necklace and bracelet have small chains that you use to clip one side to the other so it gives it a bit of versatility as far as sizing goes.

I absolutely love the little details on both accessories!

Overall, my favorite items where the necklace, bracelet and headdress! They were all very well made and had tons of tiny details that really made the pieces so adorable!