[Sponsored Review] Cosmos Blush EyeShadow Powder Paper


Long time no see! 

I've been a bit behind since I had to leave state suddenly and just got back. Now I'm dealing with the 6 hour time difference and jumping straight back into work. OH THE HORRORS OF ADULTHOOD, haha.

Anyways, this review is LONG overdue and I hope you enjoy it! :)

KKCENTERHK is a long time sponsor of mine and I"m always so grateful for anything they send to me to review. :)
This most recent time, I wanted to try out something different. Something that I've never even gotten close to.

Soooo~ I chose Blush Paper! Cosmos Blush Eyeshadow Powder Paper to be exact!

The color in the picture is a bit darker then the actual product but I had to darken it to show the texture of the paper.

The paper is actually covered(?) with fine shimmery pink powder! It's a very thin sheet of paper and is similar in size and feel to oil blotting papers! Same dispensing too!

You take the sheet and rub it on the places where you'd like the blush to be (i.e. cheeks, eyes, etc)

 One thing I noticed when applying it on to your cheeks is that your foundation rubs back onto the sheet!

 The color is very soft and subtle so in order for you to get more OMPH, you'll have to layer it.

Cool concept! 
Definitely travel friendly since you don't have to worry about brushes, powders breaking, etc.
Great for adding a bit of shimmer
The color is subtle

The color is very subtle and you'll have to layer it with other brushes or more of itself for it to show up
Gets on fingers, slightly messy
The color won't look good on everyone

For the following pictures, I did my usual facial routine of foundation, powder and contouring.
After applying the blush sheet, I layered over it with a rosey blush. 

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