[Sponsored Review] Short Brown Lolita Wig

Herro again~

I thought it was weird for me to basically be absent after posting about my giveaway...but I got super busy with maid of honor stuff, haha.

ALSO! I had a really cool shoot planned...but everything kinda fell through...I was really looking forward to blogging about it...but oh well. xD

Anyways~ here is a (slightly) overdue review of a wig that Sololita generously sent me!

I was immediately drawn to this wig because it's unlike any other wig I have already. I normally lean towards longer wigs but I've been wanting a cute short one for a while now since I figured it'd be "fuss-free"
It sells for $44.50USD on the website which I personally think is a bit steep for a short wig.

When I received it, I was actually surprised with how short the wig actually was! In the picture it looked to be a bit longer...but I wasn't too concerned with that.

The wig itself is super fluffy and thick and very comfortable.

It's styled in what I like to call an Asymmetrical bob...or "slanted bob". xD
It's shorter and folds "in" in the back and gradually gets longer as it goes towards the face.

The bangs are cut to where they can be worn straight across or pushed to the side. Honestly...bangs styles are a hit or miss for me.
Sometimes straight across looks good on me...and sometimes the pushed to one side works better. In this case, the pushed to the side looks better.

You really just have to try both to see which one fits the wig with your face. :)

I'd say the sizing of this wig is "average" because it's not made super small and can fit all of my hair and still have extra wiggle room instead. Perfect for the long haired Diva who wants to try out the short side~

Overall feelings:
The wig is super thick and fluffy and looks absolutely adorable.
Straight across bangs may not be for everyone but this wig has room to play around with the style.
The price is a bit steep for a short wig, but you are getting a good quality one.
The color is very natural and could be passed off as your natural hair!


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