[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 74 in Blue

Third installment of the trilogy! MUAHAHAHA. 
Just kidding. It's just the third pair of lenses from the new Luxury Babe lenses sent to me by Apple Of Your Eyes. ;D

Still exciting though, yeah?
My favorite circle lens colors are green and blue so I was SUPER excited for this pair since this was the only blue pair I received. 
Great blue circle lenses are like a holy grail for people so let's see if this one hit it out of the park!

Once again, it came in the thinner packaging that normal US ones come in. Space-saving and easy to open.

These lenses photograph AHHHMAZING. 
Look how neat they look!!! I hope they translate well in mah SPECIAL EYES, haha.



I keep forgetting to do large comparison photos of lenses in...especially with it compared to a "normal" eye, haha.
The lens itself makes you think that it'll be a super vibrant blue, and it is! But it's, of course, darker on the eyes then in the white case. Not a super light lens, but definitely "vibrant" and visible because it also shows in indoor lighting pretty well. . The lenses have a black limbal ring which transitions to blue and some orange/honey brown lines throughout it. 

Again, Super comfy! I actually wore these lenses the longest out of all of them with no discomfort at all~ As usual though, you shouldn't wear your lenses for longer then 8 hours and you always want your lenses to sit in solution overnight until you wear them again.

You can SEE the difference! The dark limbal ring and the extension of the color really enlarges the eyes and there's no "halo" effect where the white of your eye peaks through (which is super annoying~)

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