[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 70 Violet

Hello All~

The second installment in my new reviews of Apple Of Your Eyes' Luxury Babe lenses!

I'm really sorry that I keep posting reviews...but I have a lot of them so you'll have to deal. :p
There is also nothing exciting happening in my life which is why I don't post about that, haha.

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Variety is always nice so when I picked out the lenses, I picked a different lens and color each time. This one is the Luxury Babe 70 in Violet~
It arrived in the same kind of packaging as the grey ones, which I've already said that I love.

Already you can tell that these lenses are a lot more opaque then the grey ones and the color covers more of the surface area of the lens.


 After trying on the Grey's I was really happy to know that the other lenses were more dramatic because I tend to match my makeup with the lenses and these just suit my look more.

Not that I don't enjoy more "natural" lenses, but I definitely think more dramatic ones are more...eye catching...of course, haha.
The color starts with a burgundy brown color around the edges and transitions to a mix of violet and green. SUPER opaque and shows up really well in all lighting. You can definitely see the difference and it comes off as very animated.

Very comfy! Even with it being so opaque, the lens itself is still very soft and flexible.

You can see the difference with these lenses. They're so animated and really enlarge the eyes so they're best suited with more dramatic makeup. The darker brown acts as a limbal ring and there's no "haloing" effect (where the white of your eyes shows up under the edges)

I favor my left side...clearly. lol


  1. I think this is my favourite colour out of all your reviews ^_^
    Purple is so pretty and looks really natural on you!
    Are you wearing a wig because damn girl, you look amazing with any type of hairstyle and colour!


    1. Thank you so much! :3
      It's a wig, haha. My hair is really plain so I wear wigs to look interesting. xD