[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 68 in Grey

Herro all~

I've been pretty busy lately with work and trying to get all my blog pictures done...plus wedding season is coming and I had to arrange tons of stuff for the 1309842785 weddings I'm attending next month, haha.

Anyways, I have a pretty consistent sponsorship with Apple Of Your Eyes and they contacted me to let me know they just received new lenses in and would like me to do reviews on them. Of course I said yes, haha.

Apple Of Your Eyes is one of my favorite places to get lenses from because I NEVER have any hiccups with them. The lenses always come in a timely manner, I've never received defective product from them and the owner is super sweet! This means a lot to me because I only suggest reliable places to my friends and readers!

Luxury Babe is a brand that has TONS of designs. They're always coming out with more and you never know what they're going to come out with next. They have designs ranging from "natural" ones to super crazy styles.

One thing I immediately noticed was the change in packaging. Instead of the usual circle lens bottles, they come in thin plastic cases with all the information on the top. To open, you just peel back the top.
Personally, I love this because I've always had to wrestle with the bottles to get them open.
This packaging is simple, to the point, space saving and easier on the hands.

This particular one is Luxury Babe's 68 in Grey.

Of course after opening, you should ALWAYS soak your lenses in your normal solution for at least a few hours but overnight is ideal.

These lenses tend to come off as more blue then grey since the blue stands out more and the grey kinda...reflects it? These lenses pack quite a bit of pigment but they're not to most noticeable that I've ever tried. You can tell that your eye color is lightened though.

Super comfortable! I've never had a problem with any of the Luxury Babe lenses and they're so soft and flexible, haha. I almost forget that they're even in!

This is the only down fall. Although it's listed as 17mm, the fact that the lenses aren't fully colored or have a limbal ring, take away from the enlargement effect. These lenses aren't a good match for heavy makeup because it doesn't balance the look out as much as more enlarging lenses.
Aside from that though, they're great so everyday wear!

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  1. These look so awesome!!! But are they really 17.00? o.o Isn't that like super big? How can you even wear them?!