[Review] TonyMoly Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara Long Lash

A few weeks ago, my parents went my to Hawai'i (my home landdd) to see my grandfather. The last time we were there was back in 2010 and TONS had changed in those 3-4 years.

Whenever I go, I shop HARD. mainly because they have so much stuff that I wouldn't be able to find here in Florida so I tend to stock up.

Well, my mom (who is my shopping partner in crime) gave me a call and let me know about all the new stores that popped up including a Tony Moly! (They also had a Nature's Republic but she found that one closer to the end of her trip.. :( )

I went online and picked out some products that I wanted and sent her the codes so they could see if they had it in stock. One of the main items I wanted was the Cat's Wink Stand Mirror and you received it for FREE with a $100 purchase!

That was my mission then. GET THAT MIRROR, haha.

So, I LOVE trying out new mascaras. I have the stereotypical asian lashes. Doesn't hold curl very well, not that long, etc so I'm always looking for mascaras that will give me length,volume and hold my curl.
With that in mind...I ended up having her pick up only one mascara...WHY!!!!??? LOL

I was actually on the phone with the employee there and he asked me what I was looking for .(Masacara, eyeliner, foundation?) Then he asked if I needed curling power, volume, etc?

He decided upon this mascara. Some of these products I didn't even know they picked up until they came home, haha.

Tony Moly's Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara in (Long/Dolly) Long Lash!

The brush on this mascara is design with a curve so that you're able to really get into the lashes with the product. The zigzag motion is the one I use with all mascaras and it really helps distribute the product.

As you can see, there little tiny fiber in the mascara that are basically the "building" blocks for your lashes. This is what attaches to your lashes to elongate them and to add volume.


This is my lashes completely bare but curled. Not very dense or long.

1 Coat of mascara! I must add that after the first coat, the curl kind "droops" so it's important for me to curl them again.

Obviously, curling the lashes again. xD

Two coats of mascara!

It does a decent enough job lengthening but it barely holds curl and actually makes the curl droop at first.

Lengthens the lashes
Medium Wet formula so it doesn't feel dry going on
Medium Range price if you're buying online or oversea
Cheap if you're getting it from the source
(My parents paid...like..$12? for it since it's a store that still had to have their stuff shipped over)

Doesn't hold curl well
The rim of the mascara can get messy/gunky because the formula is so wet
Not easily accesible

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