[Review & Haul] Wig is Fashion (Picture Heavy~)

Hello Again!

Before Christmas (I knowww! Super late. T_T), I made a purchase as an early Christmas present to myself. I've been wanting a few new wigs and decided that there wasn't a better time! :)

I knew that I wanted some wigs to change up my looks for my posts and decided to get decently natural ones that I could style into different looks.

In total, I purchased 6 wigs. 1 of them is no longer on the site which is a bit sad since it was one of my favorites from the bunch, but, I'll be posting all the information for the other wigs. :3

I'll start off with my least favorite because this one might be included in my next giveaway! Either this one of the lavender one from my previous post...who knows~

I actually got this during a black friday sale so it was a bit cheaper but $19 still isn't that bad! For a little while I've been wanting a shorter wig just because and this one looked sooo cute that I decided to try it out.

The wig is very fluffy and covers up all the hair perfectly...but it just doesn't suit my face at all! 
I definitely think ones that frame the face are the best for me.
Still pretty cute though! I definitely think it would probably fit someone else's face better.

TWO TONED WIGGG. I've been CRAVING one for a longgg time (like a year and a half) and FINALLy just got one. 
I went back and forth between the straight one and the curly one but went ahead with the curly one because it was just too darn cute! :D

I love this wig! It's absolutely adorable, thick, fluffy, curly, soft, etc! You can also wear it with the bangs straight across or swished to the side. For $15, it's also an AWESOME deal for a great quality wig.

The one that is no longer on the site is pretty similar to this wig (which is why I'll put them one after the other) except this one is lighter, longer and the curls are more defined. It's actually more like a curl/wave, haha.

Reaches my lower back! This wig looks more brown in person and in pictures then the one of the site but that was totally A-OKAY with me. Of all the wigs, I think this was the thinnest but it still covered up all my hair and fit perfectly.

As you can see, the curls on this are more of a Spiral/wave/curl instead of a ringlet.
The next wig is no longer posted on the site so I couldn't get any information on it.
It's similar to the wig before it except it's a bit more brown/auburn-y, a tad shorter and has a "messier" look. It's more wavy and kinda "teased out" looking.
I first debuting this in my Puffy 3 tone Turquoise tutorial so you can see more worn pictures there!

ALL OF MY EXCITEMENT! The next two wigs are lace fronts and are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. 
Lace fronts normally run you quite a bit so I definitely think the price on these were a steal!

(P.S. I haven't cut the lace off of either yet, haha)

 Now, the wig looks more purple in person then the pictures...but it definitely has more of a fushia tint to it and it REALLY shows in pictures but I can't help but LOVE this wig. I might go over it with some purple color to make it more purple but it's absolutely gorgeous.

It's thick, the texture is great and it doesn't tangle badly.

The wig goes down to just past my shoulders and it just cascades down my shoulders in big wavesss~

Now. MY FAVORITE of them all. This GORGEOUS wig.

The curls are BEAUTIFUL and defined.
The fibers are soft and tangle free.
And the wig is THICK.

ALRIGHT GUYS! That's it for now! :D Hope you enjoyed!


  1. woah!! All those wigs are gorgeous!! I love the two toned one just because it's so so so cool and the purple one - it's so pretty!! Definitely good wigs for the prices you paid!!

  2. How long did the shipping take for you to get it? :o

    1. Shipping took about a week and a half. :)

  3. Thanks for your review I never heard of the site, but now I'm confident to buy from them!

  4. i love the 3rd wig!! I love short wigs, but i see the first one looks alil bit different of the photo, no? Shorter?