100 Followers GIVEAWAY!

Hello All!

FINALLY, the giveaway I've been talking about is here!
It's a bit overdue since it was supposed to be for my 100 followers...and I'm at 106 now...

Anyways, this giveaway is a little different then my first one.
There's TWO prizes and this is INTERNATIONAL!

Now, let me explain to you the prizes.

The first one:

Is open to everyone. New followers, old followers, etc. You just have to follow the guidelines and junk and you'll be entered!
If you win this prize, you'll be winning:
1 Pair of Circle Lenses sponsored by LoveShoppingHolics
1 box of Model 21 Lashes (10 pairs)
3 Travel sized BBW lotion
1 Mascara
2 Facial Masks
2 Lipglosses (One from skin79 the other from nanacoco)
1 Travel Sized moisturizer
A blending sponge
1 Mirabella Pearl Blush in BellaRose
1 Uberliss Sample Size Rituoil
2 Sample Packets of True One Beauty Facial Cleanser
1 Travel Size Olay face wash.

Now, the second prize:
Is open to JUST my active followers. Basically, if you've commented on my posts more then twice in the last few months BEFORE this giveaway, once you enter for the giveaway as a whole, you'll be placed in the running for both.

NOW, to clear things up a little. 1 person CANNOT win BOTH prizes. If the same person is picked for both then another one will be picked. All winners are picked RANDOMLY.

So, you may be thinking "Why is the second prize only for active followers?"
This is because I really appreciate my active followers. I can blog all I want and have random readers...but the ones that comment and let me know they're actually reading my blog make me feel the best. Like I'm not just typing out to dead space. So, because of this, I felt it necessary to give back to the followers that give me inspiration to keep blogging. :)

If you're now thinking "Well why isn't their prize bigger?", I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED. For one thing, I feel that the 2nd prize products are more targeted at what I think my followers like. Different kinds of cosmetics from different countries! Of course both have cosmetics and skincare in them, but the 2nd one just has a bit more. AND ALSO. The winner of the 2nd prize will win THIS:


All of their winnings will be placed in this bag along with MYSTERY items. This bag can fit a lot because it's actually a cylinder bag wrapped with the cover (I'm basically saying it's not flat, lol). Anyways, they'll be receiving this bag COMPLETELY full of stuff. This could include a wig, hair products, samples, hair appliances, etc. THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW.

If you win the second prize, you'll be receiving:
1 pair of circle lenses sponsored by LoveShoppingHolics
2 Facial Masks
1 Compact Mirror
2 facial Moisturizers
1 Nivea Lip Balm in Vitamin Swirl
1 TonyMoly Lipbalm in Peach
1 MUA Lipbalm in Sugar Lips
1 Blending Sponge
1 LA Colors Mineral Blush
1 Olay eyelashes and eye serum
1 Travel Size Uberliss Rituoil
2 Packets of True One Beauty's Facial Cleanser

Now to the stuff you REALLY want to know. HOW TO ENTER.

Just like last time, it'll be done through rafflecopter.
You MUST like all Facebook pages and follow my blog PUBLICLY. These are "required". The other options are not but would be much appreciated and you gain new entries for every "task" you do.

If you're a facebook user only, you must like the pages, the picture and share.

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  1. Omgg congratulations hun on reaching 100 followers! Your blog is amazing, i know you can achieve so much :)
    Thanks for the giveaway, so curious to know whats in the mystery bag hehe^_^
    Blogger name is Fifi :)


  2. Congratz on reaching 100 and thanks for the giveaway, everything looks so cute =D

  3. I would love if there was face masks or lip balms in the mystery bag! congrats on 100 followers!


    But congratz on 100 followers and 500 likes <3

  5. Congrats dear! Omg I love everything!

  6. I guess I'm just a random reader = 3=

  7. First congrats for your 100 followers :D I hope your blog become more big
    you are so pretty :'3 umm ... I really like the second prize oh oh I hope have extensions
    maybe a short wig ~~

    Thanks for this chance !

  8. Congratulations on your milestones!

  9. Espero que tu Blog siga creciendo.. Felicidades ^^

  10. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers... ^^
    My favorite gift is the circle lens....

  11. I wanna winnnnnnnnnnnn wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. Congratulations for your +100 followers!
    all the prizes are wonderful i hope to have good luck and win!
    and thank you for the giveaway cutie ^^

  13. Congrats!!! 100 is amazing :) xx

  14. Congratulations on getting 100 subs!!!
    I like the first prize! Really looking forward to the Circle lenses, Lotion and False Eyelashes <3

  15. Thanks for this and congratulations (:

  16. I love your reviews and all your cosplay photos!