[Sponsored Review] SoLolita Lavender with Blonde wig

Hello all!

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I also have reviews of TONS of Tony Moly stuff to review and wigs (All purchased by me. :P ).

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There may or may not be cosmetics, lenses, eyelashes, and wigs involved~ <3

NOW, to the actual post!

I was recently sponsored by Sololita to review a wig and I just received it!
By just received it, meaning it actually only took like..1.5 weeks to get to me, haha.

Anyways~ JUMP for the rest of the post~

Sololita was so kind as to let me pick out the wig that I would be reviewing and I decided to try out a color that I've never worn before!

Or as they have it on the site Dreamful Purple with yellow
Well...I could also see it as a Lilac color...and I think both fit...
Anyways! The wig was mainly lavender but had strips of blonde throughout it.
I let them know the wig of my choice on the 13th of January and they replied on the 14th saying it would be shipped. I received it via UPS on the 24th! That's 9 days! (not including sundays because I think they're closed just like usps?)
Either way, that was FAST. I wasn't expecting it and was so surprised when I got it, haha.

The first thing I did was RIP IT OPEN! DUH! I love packages, haha.

Inside the bag was a wig cap.

 This is what's called a "net" wig cap for obvious reasons. These wig caps are always, imho, better then the normal stocking kind. They're a lot tighter and just seem to hold the hair better. I put it over my head to where it's all on my neck and then work the thick band around my hair line. The mesh I actually stretch upwards and all of my hair falls into place in it and evenly disperses over my head.

The wig actually surprised me a lot!
 The base wig is a pretty lavender color with thin blonde "highlights" but the pigtail attachments are totally different!

The pigtails are clamp/claw types which are super easy to work with. The color was mainly the same lavender color but it also had some light fushia mixed in! The pigtails definitely have more blonde in it as well. Overall it's a very pretty blend of colors.

Length wise, it's a long wig and reaches a bit lower then mid-back.

When the wig first arrived, the curls were tightly packed which I do like on some wigs, but I found myself liking a more brushed out curl looks for this wig. One of the things I noticed when brushing the wig out was that a small portion of the inside hair (the ones that meet the nape of your neck) at the ends were a bit frizzy and hard to brush out. It was only a small portion so very easily overlooked but the rest of the wig didn't tangle easily and was easy to brush out.

Now, because there's pigtails, you can wear the wig base alone, or........


Now I think I mentioned that the ponytail attachments had a lot of blonde in it right?
Well..there's a big layer of it right on the top so, in order to blend it, I lifted up the length of the base wig, twisted it up and used the claw to not only secure the pigtail in place but also the base wig hair. I then flattened out the base wig hair on top of the ponytails so that it would blend in better and be more voluptuous!

 All the hair in my hand is the base wig hair that I used to go over the ponytail hair to help blend it in.

Nice quality~
 3 piece set at a decent price~
 SUPER cute
 Very Fluffy
Perfect for Lolita
Pretty color
 Extremely nice and helpful sellers
That one patch of frizzy hair at the ends, though easily removed, is still a con.

 Thanks for reading! I do think that this color of wig may not be the most flattering for my skintone so I may add it to my giveaway!


  1. Omagawd what are you talking about?! This wig totally matches you, I think it looks amazing ;o; Thanks for the review - I've been curious about wigs lately, they look like so much fun! Hehe, congrats on the 100 followers!~ ♡♡ ^_^

    1. Thank you! I think in person it just makes my skin look a little orange, haha. If you ever have any questions about wigs, feel free to ask! :)

  2. This wig is simply a-mazing! Love it, and such things make me wanna start cosplaying :D

    Eli @ http://www.maquilab.blogspot.com

  3. You say that it doesn't look good with your skin tone but I think this wig is a keeper, you look really good with this wig!!!! >______<