[Sponsored Review] ES 6 Color Contour Palette and Jealousness Diamond Beauty Lash Series

Hello again!

So, as promised, I'm starting to blog a bit more now since everything's settled down a bit on my end.
Sponsored reviews are easier to do at the moment since it's giving me a chance to play around with my whole set up for pictures and everything...plus I don't really have a life outside of work right now so there's not really anything to blog about...

I suppose I could have blogged about Dragoncon..but meh. xD Anyways! I bring to you a double review that was kindly sponsored by KKCENTERHK.

They generously sent me a few items to review so here they are!

[Sponsored Review] Snow White Costume


So, I've been super backlogged with my posts because I've just moved into a new apartment, I didn't have internet for a few weeks and my job is pretty demanding right now, haha.

I'm working on fixing it and I actually have a lot of stuff I want to blog about! (Like dragon*con, all my reviews, etc)

Also, I've been planning to change my blog background soon but still not sure what to change it to...
I've also been way to lazy to change my pictures to the "curved square" that I usually have so...idk if it really changes much, haha.

So, because this review has a deadline, I'm posting it first. :)
And since halloween is right around the corner, I figured "why not?".