Bellecon 2013!


Well...not really. This was my first con in A LONG time and it'll be my last con until september. :/

Anyways, this was a con I was working at as a cosplay guest. :3

[Sponsored Review] Vassen Diamond Three (3) Tone Brown and ES A506 Half Lashes

Hello ya'll!

So, I normally don't do this, but, I'll be combining two different sponsors into one post since I used both of them for this look!

LoveShoppingHolics kindly sent me a pair of Vassen Diamond 3 Tone Brown lenses to review for them! It seems my brown lenses are growing, haha. Hopefully next time I'll be able to get some greens or blues...anything other then brown, haha. Unless they're light brown...MAN, do you know how hard it is to find an opaque light blue lens? x___X

Getting side tracked. Ok.
KKCENTERHK, which is one of my favorite sponsors, sent me a second design of lenses with their last package to me. I really do appreciate them SO much for their continued support. :)


[Sponsored Review] Vista 3 tone Brown


There hasn't really been much going on in my life..and I don't do anything except go to there won't be any posts except for reviews until I actually do something exciting.

Scratch that, I did go to bellecon this past weekend....but that's about it. xD Pics to come later~

Anyways, Apple Of Your Eyes sent me these lenses to review for you and I finally got to them! The weekend I was going to review them, it was super rainy so I wasn't able to get any good pictures. :/
As always, I'm giving 100% my very own opinion.  :3

JUMP FOR THE REVIEW! (which means click "read more") ;3

[Sponsored Review] ES A554 Handmade lashes Short to Long and Revlon Dark Lash Adhesive

Hey all~

I know I've been kinda MIA because I started school, but, I should be getting back on track since school is slowing down with homework!

There's tons of reviews and just general posts that are waiting to be written so, here's a little list of the posts to come:
-Stars Makeup Haven Review
-Qosmedix haul/review
-Circle Lens reviews
-Lash Reviews
-100 follower giveaway sneak peek  ( I say sneak peek because I'm still short by 5 followers! But I'm sure after seeing some of the goodies in the giveaway, people will follow me...if only for the possibility of getting free swag. Eff you. :P)

I'm getting off topic...but I'm sure you guys are used to that. ANYDOODLE, today I'll be reviewing ES A554 lashes and Revlon Dark Lash Adhesive that were most graciously sponsored to me by KKCENTERHK.

Click "READ MORE" for the review!