[Sponsored Review] Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara and Nilina Crystal Eyelashes 15

Hello again!

Here's another review that was generously sponsored by Uniqso!

They sent me circle lenses (reviewed right before this) along with mascara and a pair of fake eyelashes! I figured the circle lenses should be reviewed by itself and these two would go along with each other quite well.

Though I admit these were taken the same day, haha.

:X I like to do tons of reviews in the same day..but I often get lazy half way through and put them off... Bad blogger!

Then again...I think I'm doing pretty good at updating!

Probably won't last when I start school again though. x_X

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[Sponsored Review] I.Fairy Cara Blue

Hello again!

I've been posting quite a bit recently...and I'm not sure how I should actually go about them..post once a week, whenever I want, etc. I really hate bombarding everyone with tons of posts all at once and then disappear for a bit...but I'm also too impatient to wait...Opinions?
Last month Uniqso sent me a pair of lenses and some eyelashes to review. Unfortunately, one of the lenses had a cut in the lens so I wasn't able to wear it. Fortunately, they let me pick out a replacement lens to review and it just now got here.

One thing with Uniqso that I really like is that they have GREAT customer service. When something's wrong, they fix it with no questions asked!

I always have a hard time deciding which lenses to go with but I finally decided to try out I.fairy's Cara Blues.

Review ahead!

Review: MUA Lipsticks 1,12,13,14,15

I mentioned in my last post that I received my MUA package finally~
 (on the site they said that you can't report it as "missing" unless it's been 35 days. 35 DAYS! 
D: Glad mine came in after about 3 weeks. :3) 

I was SUPER excited to get my MUA package a few days ago and jumped right into trying everything out. All of these lipsticks normally sell for about $1.50 but I got them 50% off! :D

I'm on my way to building my makeup kit so I wanted to try to stock up on lipsticks to melt into a palette. I really love to buy tons of colors...but I end up only using a few, haha. I normally don't wear any colors except a nude pink or red unless I'm just taking pictures of something. xD 

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Project Illustrious: Winter Palace Promenade (+ MUA haul)

Hello lovelies~
This past week has been...hectic. Not only was it Valentine's day, but I also celebrated my bf's birthday (which was actually 2 weeks ago) and went to one of my friends events.

Last year I was invited to her birthday event and had a really great time so I figured I'd go to this one!
Her birthday event was by invite only but the WPP was open to the public. One of their main goals or..missions, is to "bring fancy back".
A lot of people nowadays seem to not fully comprehend "dressing for the occasion" and wear jeans to a ball or something of that standard and that's really not acceptable.
They're hoping to bring back the tradition of dressing up by hosting these types of events.

The picture to the right is actually of a Dance Card. A dance card is basically..well..a card with the names of the "main" songs. As an ice breaker, you try to find dance partners for each song and have them sign their name under it. You'll see more details on it later. Super pretty though, yes?

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Behind the Scene: Comic Photoshoot

Hello cupcakes~

A few saturdays ago (it's was the 2nd, haha) I was booked for a 4 hour shoot for three looks. (Or as many as I could actually fit in that time)

The photographers wanted some cosplay looks but I felt it was safer to probably go for Western characters instead of eastern. (By that I mean American characters over Characters from Animes and stuff lol)

I've really been itching to get Psylocke out of the closet (She's my all time fav comic character. Well...no...yeah...maybe. >>) ETHER WAY, I picked her and poison ivy since they're my most recent costumes that I haven't gotten TONS of pictures in.

I really couldn't think of a third character to do since I still haven't even started on Elektra...or Cheshire...or Tinkerballa...and Catwoman and Black cat still aren't done. X___x I know...I'm slacking...but fabric is so expensive! Especially with everything I have going on right now. :/

Hopefully I can catch a sale or something. :)

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[Review] Lorac Pro Palette + Swatches

Hello cuddle muffins~

I have a few posts backed up...but I'm pretty lazy sometimes or I just don't know how to finish them off...SORRY!

Anyways, a few posts back, I wrote about a swap that I did with a girl in Cali and I mentioned that I would review a few of the products! Well, here's a review of my FAVORITE product that I received and I can really see it becoming a staple in my kit.

Recently I've been doing a very..."natural" look. A soft smokey brown eye (in 2 ways) which is used a lot for "bridal" but I think it's just a nice every day but still glamourous look.


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