Behind the Scene: Untitled Thoughts

Hello Lemon drops!

I know I promised some other posts that weren't reviews so here we go!

This past sunday I had a photo shoot for the designer Untitled Thoughts after she sent me three pieces to shoot in. The pieces weren't full outfits so I had to get a stylist on board and everything really came together amazingly.

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Late Christmas Swap + next giveaway information

Hello doll faces~

A little before christmas I agreed to do another swap with Fammy, the girl in Cali that I did my first swap with. She set the price this time for $100 usd which meant that we could get even more stuff for each other!

She got her package a bit before christmas and...I really wish I took a picture of it. xD I tried to make it super cute so on the inside of the box, I stuck tons of hearts and such on it. 
I can't remember everything I picked up for her...but I know there were a few small la color palettes, a sephora pantone universe palette...smashbox primer, some various lips products, nail polishes, etc.

My package ended up getting delayed but I finally got it today! :D

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[Sponsored Review] Nilina Crystal Line Eyelashes #27

HELLO ROLLIE POLLIES! photo shoot that was scheduled today had to be postponed since the photographer got a cold...BUT! That means I was able to get this review going~

I've been wanting to do more...colorful and dramatic looks for my reviews (I started with my last post) so this is my continuation!

The lashes in this review were sponsored by the amazing UNIQSO~

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[Sponsored Review] Solone Magic Waterproof eyeliner & ES 10 Pair bottom lashes

Hello puddin puffs!


The products being reviewed were graciously sponsored by KKCENTERHK ,but, as always, all of the following is 100% my own opinion-o. 

(I'll also be posting some behind the scenes stuff for some photoshoots later this week! ;D)

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[Review] Maybelline Superaway Lipcolor Remover


I recently did a haul from Kmart since the one by my house is closing and everything was 60% off!
There wasn't much selection but I did manage to get away with some nifty lip products!

The first one I'll be reviewing is actually a product I've never heard about. I saw this on the racks and wasn't sure if I should get it or not, but hey, it was on sale. I think normally they retail for about $4 and I got this for around $1! :3

I'll be using it with Loreal's Infallible Beyonce Red since this is notorious for staying on all day, not transferring on anything and being hard to get off! (I actually have a normal make-up remover that does the job but it takes a while still, haha)

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[Sponsored Review] Stella 3 tone Violet + Haul


Here I am with another review!

These lenses have been graciously sponsored to me by Apple Of Your Eyes for your viewing needs!

Now, even though they're sponsored, you can rest assured that all of this is 100% MY OWN opinion.
No funny business here~

(Btw. I wanted to go for an "Evil Queen" kind of look because I LOVE Once Upon a Time and Regina's make-up and outfits are always SPOT ON. Plus she might be my favorite character...after Rumple of course, haha.)


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[Sponsored Review] I.Fairy Luna Green and Kawayii 24 eyelashes

I believe I mentioned that I was backed up on reviews, right? GOOD!
Because I am. Holiday season really messes stuff up.

I received these lenses a few days before Christmas (by received I mean it was delivered to my house, I was out of town, haha).
UNIQSO kindly sent me these big eye circle lenses to review a long with some eyelashes!
I'm a HUGE eyelash junkie so this was especially exciting for me.

(BTW. I know, my orange shirt doesn't look right at all. Sorry? I didn't really feel like changing..>> The bow is from ELEGY CLOTHING though! )

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Modeling and Me: The not so pretty side. Part 1.

Hello guys!

As a New Year's Resolution, I'll be blogging more about my life instead of just reviews (but don't worry, there will still be tons of those and I actually have A LOT that I need to post!).
I've decided to start a mini series of blog posts called "Modeling and Me" that will basically go into my life as a "model".
I use the term "model" loosely since everyone seems to have a different definition for it.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the inside perspective to this side of my life. Certain parts will be pretty intimate since things like these can really get inside your head, haha.