[Sponsored Review] Shinny/Puffy 3 tone Turquoise + Video

Hello again!

Not only that, but, this one has a video!

Basically the video and this post are the same thing though..so..read/watch both or just one!
(If you want to just watch the video, go to the very end :p)

I received an email a little while ago about posting reviews on my youtube and jumped at the chance!
Like my blog, I started off posting frequently...and then slowly stopped...so hopefully this will be a push in the right direction!

Candylens.com was nice enough to send me a pair of lenses to review on my youtube channel and I couldn't help but make a matching blog post sooooo, here we go!

No matter how many times I open these darn containers, they'll never get easy!

Basic Information about these lenses:
Listed as having
14.5 DIA
8.6 BC
38% Water Content

Going on,
The lens case that they sent me is ADORABLE! MACAROON SHAPED! 
(I had my first macaroon a little while ago...and hated it. :( )
The wells of the lens case are pretty deep so you won't have to worry about the lens running out of solution. One thing I hate about some of the lens cases that people have are that the wells are so dang shallow! Not the case with these. :)

One of the lenses ended up being a bit lighter then the other which you can see in the side by side picture but it didn't take away from how effective they were. 

The color on these are absolutely beautiful. It's like a mixture of the green and blue lenses.
 They transition from the darker limbal ring, to the turquoise and then fade into a honey brown. Although they aren't the MOST opaque lenses out there, they're still very pretty. Obviously they show up the best in direct lighting though.

SUPER COMFY! I'm pretty sure I've raved about the Puffy 3 tone Green and Brown lenses as far as comfort goes and these are no different. I could wear them for hours and not have to worry about feeling them. But, as most lenses, don't wear for more then 8 hours at a time.

The lenses are listed as 14.5 and I think that's pretty correct. They definitely enlarge and there is a difference but it's not so unnatural like a 16.0. This is actually the range that I normally like to keep my lenses in but there's always exceptions. :)


  1. love this look! you are so pretty :D
    the turquoise color is also pretty ^^

  2. Love this hair color on you..you look very pretty :D. RoRo’s World

    1. Thank you! I just bought 6 wigs so I can't wait to try them all on. :)

  3. You're so pretty in every way omg and nice photography ^_^
    The lenses look gorgeous on you!


  4. how long did it take to get your contacts?