[Sponsored Review] Ailin Foundation stick 331/132 and Baby Queen 501

Hello again!
If you can tell (which you probably can't because I like to stick to pink/peach) my layout changed just a tadddd~ I kinda wanted to go for a whole new look...but decided against it, haha.

Anyways! I bring you a long overdue review!

The products were graciously sponsored to me by KKCENTERHK to keep me blogging! (Because if I didn't have reviews to do..I'd probably not blog for monthssssss, haha)

Since most of the products I'm reviewing here are foundations, I decided to keep the makeup focused more on the skin also. :3

(As a disclaimer: None of these photos have been edited. Promise.)

Ailin Shading Powder Panstick 132 and 331

Some basic information about these foundations. They come in 6 shades, 5 skintone ones and 1 corrective. 
The foundations are in Panstick form. Basically it means it's more of a solid/cream and you twist the bottom and it'll pop up.

They're actually pretty small and fit in the palm of your hand but it's packed with TONS of products because a little goes a long way.

I received two different colors because I wasn't sure which one would match my skin better.
132 and 331.

132 is more Neutral/yellow based while 331 is pink based. Obviously 132 was a better match and surprisingly matched pretty well.

Here are swatches of the two. As you can see, 132 (right) matched pretty well while 331 was wayyy too pink.

While very pigmented, the foundation sticks are on the powdery side. This is actually why i prefer liquid foundations because panstick kinds just seem to be more drying and seem to accentuate dry spots.
One thing that I absolutely hated though, was how much it smelled like baby powder. It wasn't a faint smell or anything it was definitely BAM in your face baby powder. The smell also lingered for a long time so if you're sensitive to smells, don't pick this up.

Even still, I was able to create a smooth base by prepping the skin with TONS of moisturizer. 


Handheld and great for travel
A little goes a long way
Blends out decently
Good Coverage
Decent color selections

STRONG Baby powder smell that LINGERS
Currently sold out
Only found on KKCENTERHK


I LOVE natural lashes. That may come as a shocker, but I do. Natural lashes are great for tons of things like everyday wear (you can wear them under glasses), photo shoots (something to add some drama but nothing too dramatic), etc.
Because of this, I'm always on the look out for amazing natural lashes.

The first thing that caught my attention for these was that they weren't too long and they weren't too sparse. "PERFECT" I thought!
On top of that, the packaging is super duper cute! I love pink! :D

These lashes come in 5 pairs and have clear, flexible bands.
Did I mention I love clear bands too?
Great for blending in.
Did I also mention that they're USD10.62? (That's 2.21 a pair BUT they're currently on sale for 7.97 due to Holidays. :3)

The lashes are a bit long but that's so they can fit as many eye lengths as possible. Just snip where needed! :)

I always like to keep my lashes slightly longer then my eye so I can extend the outside.

These lashes fit PERFECTLY under glasses (which I wear a lot because I'm blind).
They're comfy, lightweight, flexible and natural looking.

I really like these lashes...but I'm thinking maybe a little thicker would make them perfect for me. 

Clear, Flexible band
Short enough to wear under glasses

Have to pay shipping
May not be full enough for some people
Often sold out
Only found on KKCENTERHK

That's all for now folks! 

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  1. Your skin is so flawless i'm so jealous >~<
    I've never tried foundation in a stick form before, that's pretty interesting haha, it sucks how the smell is intolerable because everything else about this foundation sounds amazing ;P
    Your blog layout is so pretty, i'm a fan of coral colours too ^_^ ~~
    Following you now :D