[Review] True Promise Beauty ONE Universal Skin Cleanser


I have some posts coming up about the recent wig haul I did butttt for now I'll be reviewing this product!

True Promise Beauty's ONE Universal skin cleaner!

We just got it in at work and I wanted to try it right away since I'm always looking to try new cleansers. :)

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Like I said, this cleanser just came in at work and I definitely wanted to try it out!
It's sulfate free, doesn't lather, and claims to not strip the skin of it's moisture.
(The information below came directly from their website.)

This is the makeup I started with. Full coverage foundation, concealer, contouring, highlighting, blush, eyelashes, etc.

On the back of the bottle it has two "directions" sections, one for ladies and one for men. (It can apparently be used as a shaving cream for men)
On the ladies section it says to squeeze the product onto a dampened cotton round to remove makeup-dirt, etc and then rinse clean.

I personally prefer just to apply it to my face with my fingers and rub it in.

The cleanser doesn't later and instead keeps a gel-like creamy texture. Definitely slippery enough to not need to lather. If you ever find that it feels like it's "drying" while you're rubbing you're skin, just add a dab of water because "technically" it's supposed to be used with a dampened cotton pad.

Rubbing it in to the skin to break up the makeup~

Cleansed skin! 
It took most of my makeup off but it's not the best makeup remover wash I've used (That still goes to the B&C Super off) but it wasn't bad.

My face didn't feel tight after washing it but I did have to apply moisturizer because it felt and looked dry.

This is an okay cleanser. It has a pretty hefty retail price ($35! Yeesh!) but there's a decent amount of product and it doesn't take a lot to cover the whole face. 
It doesn't lather, like it claims, which is kinda nifty but my skin hasn't felt anymore hydrated then it normally does. I still had to apply my normal amount of moisturizer (which is a pretty good amount since my T zone tends to flake during winter)

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    I wanted to share mine as well with you!